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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Borba Drinkable Skin Care

Stylerazzi - Pink Diamond's sister blog reports that Anheuser-Busch reached an agreement that makes them responsible for the marketing and distribution of Borba a drinkable skin care product that claims to be a "face lift" in a bottle. Borba's three formulas -- replenishing, clarifying and age-defying -- reportedly contain "reverse-osmosis water" filled with vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients and supposedly if you drink two 15 ounce bottles a day, you will see improvements in your skin in seven days.

Of course you all know, that before I post anything about a product - I conduct quite a bit of of research to make sure it's legit. Y'all are my people, I can't be responsible for leading you astray.

Besides - this product is $2.50 a bottle. In order for it to be effective - you have to use 2 a day, which is $5.00 a day, which equals $35.00 a week. Ouch! I found a couple of positive reviews about the product - but not enough to support their claims of being a "face lift" in a bottle.

I went to their website to see if I could get a sample, but, in order to get a sample - you have to make a purchase and I just didn't want to. So if any of you out there try this product - please let us know! We want to know if it truly works! In the meantime, please check out our sister blog Stylerazzi ( - where fashion and gossip collide!

In my Bag

Nars Lip Lacquer $23.00 -
Benefit Cosmetics Bronze & Highlight - Top Seller- $ 28.00 -
Urban Decay Flavored Body Powder in honey - $26.00 -
Mac liquidlast eyeliner - $16.50 -
Ecriture De Chanel liquid eyeliner black - $30.00 -
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara - $19.00 -
Vincent Longo Perfect shine lipgloss - $22.00 -

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Style Profile: In my closet

Bebe Poplin Balloon Sleeve Blouse - $69.00
Cache Floral balloon top - sold out
Arden B Embellished Drop Waist Tunic - $88.00
Marciano Gardena Drape Neck Top - $ 128.00

Deep thoughts: Lil Kim's 24-7 star clothing line

I know that most of you have heard about Lil Kim's new clothing line slated to debut soon called 24-7 star. Now, I am a big little Kim fan. I love her edgy, cocky, attitude that she portrays through her music and her image. When I listen to her old Cd's - especially the ones from the pre-plastic surgery era (no diss), it just brings back memories. Yes Lil Kim was very vulgar, but, I gotta admit, she would say things that I wished that I could say to a guy(to a certain extent).

I also admire Kim's sense of style - well sometimes. It seems that she has a good eye for style, although, like most celebrities, she does not always practice good judgement.

So thinking of this makes me wonder what her clothing line will be like. Will it be trendy, classy, couture-like fashion? Or, will it be trashy and slutty? Hate to be so direct, but we all know it. Lil Kim sometimes is borderline with fashion. She knows whats hot, she speaks of what's hot, but she don't always rock whats hot. I guess we will soon see. Hopefully, it is something that will represent her style and image well. If I was on her team, I would make sure that line is something that is very chic, and uptown - ish (if that's a word), something that represents a cross between the style of the Junior Mafia Lil Kim - and the post op Lil Kim.

Something like this:

Never this:

Pink Diamond It Bags

* Warning * Whenever I write about "It Bags", "It Shoes", "It Clothes" or whatever, I am writing about things that I like - not what some celebrity likes, or is paid to wear. I refuse to write about what Hollywood says is in so that people like us will go out and spend our entire month's paycheck on what other's consider to be in style. If Beyonce and I happen to like the same bag - then hey - great minds must think alike.

I spend countless of hours everyday on the Internet, reading magazines, exclusive emails or press releases to make my own determination of what's in. Honestly, what sets me apart from others, is that I really could CARE LESS,what some celebrity is wearing UNLESS it's something that I really like. Like most people, I have very expensive taste, but don't spend that kind of money. All of the bags that I choose, are ones that I love, but will not go out and spend the $ on it. My secret - I choose what I like and then find bags that are similar to it. I don't mean go and purchase a knock-off, I mean pay close attention to the shape, color, handles and material of an expensive bag I like and see if I can find one similar to it or run to my local TJ Maxx or Marshalls to see if the bag might be there. You will be surprised to see what bags they have for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite it bags of this season grouped by category: Hobo, Tote, Satchel, Shoulder Bag & Clutch.

Hobo bags:

Juicy Couture Leather Hobo

Dior Jeanne Small Hobo

Versace Monogram Hobo

Tote Bags:

Lamb Lucca Tote

Juicy Couture Leather Spa Bag
Zac Posen Antonia Bag

Satchel bags:

Fendi Selleria Grand Borghese Bag

Versace Mixed Material Snap Out Of It Bag

Shoulder bags:

Isabella Fiore French Twist Ausin Bag

Dior Pusse Basket Bag
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Gabardine Bag

Clutch Bags:

Kooba Penelope Mirror Clutch
Goldenblew Katie Ruched Clutch

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fall signature style

I can't believe that summer is rapidly coming to an end. It seems like it just started and now it's already approaching the end. Its getting darker sooner, everyone is going back to school and the swimming pools are closing. Oh well. At least we can say hello to fall in style.

When I start my fall shopping, I usually start with shoes and handbags. Because to me, the accessories make the outfit.

For example, check out this outfit I created below - a classic white shirt and some chic indigo jeans. Cute, simple and classy.
Now - hook this outfit up with some hot boots, a stylish bag, and some unique jewelry pieces and BAM - you have just created your own signature style. Just that easy.

How about this look: A brown bat wing cardigan, with a satin Cami top and some slim leg jeans. Nothing spectacular.

Now you add the classic leather knee high boots, a hot Louis Vuitton bag and some stylish jewelry pieces and you have just created another signature outfit.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Love......

I love the new Toast Brown Convertible Clutch Bag. I love the brown & gold mixed with the mesh of animal print colors. It's so adorable and matches with everything.
What would you wear with it?

I would wear it with this:

* image courtesy of

Bebe Fall Preview

Check out the new fall collection from Bebe. Once again they have the trendiest outfits for the fall and if you are Bebe Club Member - you can get 10% off of the new collection today only!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Need a bigger backside?

Dear Pink Diamond,

I really love your blog. I read it all the the time. Since you seem to know alot about clothes and stuff, I was wondering if you can give me some advice, I am too embarassed to ask my friends. All my friends have big butts and I have none. Literally - none at all :(. I was wondering if there is anything that you can recommend for me. I don't want it to be super huge because then it will be obvious. I just want something that will give me a little push.

Thank you.

Need more butt
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Need More,

You know that I have your back. With all the hype nowadays with having a big butt, it will make any woman want to have a big butt too. But don't be fooled - there are many women out here are faking it - including celebrities.

There are many products out there that you can use to help push the appearance of your butt. There are booty bands, booty pads,all kinds of things. The thing is - taking the time to find which one is for you. You don't want one that will make you look like you have four butts and shows through your clothes, and you don't want one that makes you look unporportional. I have compiled some of the highest rated butt boosting items on the market.

Product #1 - Butt Boosting Derriere Bands by Bubbles: Bubbles Bands are like a push-up bra for your booty! It's a special combination of fabrics provides upward push for a small or flat tush. There's a "no-roll" band engineered for comfort, support & hold. It's designed to support the thigh & butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing. It's silicone provides all-night anti-gravity support for a no-slip comfort fit. It disappears even under very tight clothing.

Tip: Bubbles Bands are best suited for women with slender or toned thighs who do not want shaping around the leg. Take Bubbles shopping with you. You will find that your butt will look great in most of the jeans you try on, giving you more options in the way of style, fit and price!

You can get bubbles bands for $17.99 at

Product #2 - Squeem-Brazilian Butt Lift High Waisted Rubber Cincher
You've all heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift, now you can achieve a firm, smooth, lifted buttocks without the surgery! Squeem, makers of the original waist reducing rubber cincher for over 30 years, have developed this fantasic new product designed with your behind in mind. High waist smoothes away midriff buldge.

The Brazilian Butt Lifter:

Instantly lifts, firms and smooths buttocks.
Reduces saddlebags.
Accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage.

You can get the Brazilian Butt lifter for $82.00 at

Product # 3: Love my Buns padded boyshorts
You've never seen anything like this! That's because LoveMyBuns padded underwear is a proudly patent-pending padded underwear design that you won't find anywhere else. The "Before and After's" speak for themselves!

The low-rise waistline and high-cut boyshort style means that this sexy little number can be worn under just about anything without showing...from hip-hugger jeans to short-shorts.

Featuring hidden interior pad pockets so no one will know that there's padding inside.

Pads are color-matched to the panty to further prevent detection. And unlike traditional silicone pads, our patent-pending foam pads have a new, revolutionary shape that turns a flat profile to a realistic baby-got-back booty!

You can purchase love my buns padded boyshorts for $34.00 at

Good luck with your search!!!

Arden B Printed Leather Trim Jacket

I love the colors of the New printed Leather Jacket from Arden B. The bold magenta color, with purple accents are must have colors for the fall season

Dolce & Gabanna Carla Checkered pump

These shoes are absolutely adorable:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kenneth Jay Lane Accessories

I was browsing around on one of my favorite online accessory boutiques: Max and chloe ( to find some new bracelets and handbags. I found some bracelets from a designer by the name of Kenneth Jay Lane that I absolutely adore.

Check them out:

I think these accessories would have set off Lauren London's outfit(below). (Even though it's adorable already)

Casually Chic: Lauren London

I love this basic black tank and dark denim outfit on Lauren! It's so simple and cute!

** Images courtesy of big primp

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Luxury Revealed: Steve by Steve Madden Luxury Tote

I absolutely adore the new Steve by Steve Madden Luxury Tote. It kind reminds me of the Miu Miu Coffer handbag without the expensive price tag.

Repairing Summer Skin Care Damage

IT'S FALL: Cure Summer Skin Damage

Falling leaves, cooler weather, skin peels... Yes, the gentler climate of fall is a perfect time for a peel and can set you on your way to a flawless winter complexion.

Most peels effect the dead protein tissue that connects dead skin cells to each other, rather than the live protein that is found in live cells. These peels remove only dead skin and never effect the living skin underneath, except to expose it. Increased cell turnover is beneficial, bringing the skin to a state of equilibrium. Trust your skin care professional to know when a peel is appropriate for you.
Visible results of summer skin damage include extreme discolorations, premature aging, wrinkling and dryness. Professional
products and treatments can repair summer skin problems and help avoid them in the future. Knowing how your skin type reacts to the sun's UV rays can help you protect yourself.

THE Problem:
Dry Summer Skin: Caused by overexposure to the sun, as well as moving from cool artificial environments to the hot outdoors.

The Cure:
Skin rejuvenations including face and body exfoliation's and deep moisturizing treatments. Don't forget your
sunscreen next summer or on your winter cruise!

I recommend Aveeno Skin brightening Daily Scrub or Aveeno Positively ageless daily exfoliating cleanser. I also HIGHLY recommend Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15.

The problem:
Hyper pigmentation: Overexposure to sun is one of the major causes of skin discolorations. Hyper pigmentation appears as dark brown patches on the face and hands.

The Cure:
Products and treatments ranging from mild bleaches to acid peels can help reverse hyper pigmentation. Those who are prone to hyper pigmentation are generally advised to limit sun exposure. And wear a strong sunblock!
I recommend Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Sunblock.

The problem:
Premature Aging: Wrinkles, sagging, and generally unhealthy skin can be caused by abuse of our skin - over drying, too much sun, incorrect skin care procedures.

The cure:
Deep cleansing, rejuvenating massage, and professional products and treatments that firm, lift, moisturize and revitalize. Peels are a particularly effective way to reverse premature aging.

If damage is severe, Laser Skin Rejuvenation may be for you. Dr. Van Wormer is a Board Certified Laser Surgeon - the only one in Texas or New Mexico and one of only 300 in the United States.

Introducing: MAC Smoke Signals

Just in time for fall, MAC is releasing Smoke Signals eye collection. For all of you - like me, who want to achieve that sexy, smokey look - this is the product that you are waiting for. Of course, we all know that purchasing the product is only half the battle. It's the application of the product, that leaves some of us confused. Well worry no more my fellow Pink Diamonds - MAC stores across the country are hosting Smoke Signal events in August to teach us how to achieve that look. Be sure to contact your local MAC store to reserve your appointment today!!

Rated Next: Calvin Klein Euphoria Crystalline Edition

The Euphoria parfume from Calvin Klein is one my favorite fragrances and the crystalline edition is one of my fall "must haves". Spray a bit on your wrist, neck and behind your ears and you will turn heads.

Shopbop Dress Exclusives

Although summer is winding down, there are still some great dress choices out there for the fall. Check out the new fall dresses exclusively from!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Patrick Robinson releases fashion line

If Sister Sledge were to remake their song “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” they might need to rework the lyrics to say, “Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, Robinson.” While Patrick Robinson doesn’t yet have the worldwide recognition of the former designers, he is quickly moving up the ranks of the fashion industry and into America’s dressing rooms. Robinson has created his own line of Greek-inspired women’s fashion and accessories for the Target Corporation as part of Target’s GO International Flights of Fashion series, where he is the first African American designer to be featured. The series is a limited-edition line of affordable fashions created by world-renowned designers, with each designer’s collection in stores for 60-90 days. Robinson’s collection of skirts, dresses, tops, pants, shorts, swimwear, handbags and hats is currently on display at The collection will be available at Target through mid-July.According to the Target website, Robinson has over 20 years of fashion experience in the United States and Europe. As a youth in California, he started designing clothes for surfers when he was 14. In 1986, he moved to Paris to work as an assistant to fellow African American designer Patrick Kelly. Later, he became the design director for Giorgio Armani. Within four years, Robinson turned around Armani’s ailing Le Collezioni line into a success. After Armani, Robinson returned to the United States in 1994 to become the senior vice president of design, merchandising and marketing for Anne Klein. By 1996, Robinson had started his own women’s apparel label, which was picked up by major department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. To top it off, this May, Gap Inc. announced his selection to executive vice president of design for Gap Adult and Gapbody.Even after working for such prestigious designers, Patrick Robinson’s fashions are not solely for the rich and famous. They are created with the needs and budget of today’s woman in mind.

source: black pr wire

Fashion Fights for the Enviroment

Women love to accessorize; it’s ostensibly in our genes and African American women rank right up there in terms of the worlds most stylishly accessorized. Purses, clutches, handbags and totes have been a style staple for decades, yet the designer purse industry reached its pinnacle in the 21st century as celebrities dressed in jeans, tee-shirts and $5 flip-flops hit the streets in droves toting luxurious designer handbags worth upwards of $2000 on their arms in the supplest leathers and brightest hues. It is astounding what people will pay for a Marc Jacobs, Prada, Botkier, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Luella Bartley or the epitome of all coveted bags, the Herm├ęs Birkin bag which often requires a waiting period of 10 years time until ones name comes up on the list!

The strange but poignant question arises: If women care so much about the handbag they display so proudly on their arm as contributing to the look they are portraying why do they settle for simple paper or plastic bags at the grocery store? We’ve all seen the stylish professional woman tossing a dozen or so awful plastic grocery bags into the trunk of a high powered Mercedes Benz, clutching a cell phone to one ear and Prada tote over one well-groomed shoulder! These plastic grocery bags, which take 1000 years to biodegrade in a landfill (Scientists THINK! For who lives that long?), are consumed in the billions each year in the United States wreaking havoc on the environment. Bird and sea creatures accidentally ingest them and perish. They litter our streets and highways and clutter up our lives in addition to the fact that only 1% is recycled nationally!

Luxury bag designer Anya Hindmarch is responsible for this year’s “IT” bag which turns out not to be one of her luxe $2000 metallic creations but a $15 canvas grocery satchel emblazoned with the phrase, “I’M NOT A PLASTIC BAG.” All 20,000 of the first to go on sale in the U.K. were gone by 9:00 a.m. the day of introduction in April of 2007. A veritable stampede took place over these bags in Taiwan three months later causing other Asian nations to cancel their debut. Other prominent designer bag makers are pushing for consumer responsibility as well creating organic cotton and silk grocery shopping bags in an effort to cut down on wasteful plastic refuse landing in dumps. The worry for environmentalists is that plastic will be replaced by paper and paper bags aren’t any better! Trees are cut down by the millions every year to create them!

While one may opt to use plastic bags in the case of smelly fish and leaking food goods, carrying around canvas and mesh totes for grocery shopping, which can be bought for much less than $15 a piece, seems like the way to go. The little things we do to help the environment contribute greatly as our actions positively affect others as well. As the fashion world cares enough to fight for the environment, isn’t it time that we all do as well?

source: (BLACK PR WIRE)