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Monday, June 30, 2008

You better get hip: Your favorite designers for less!!!! Pink Diamond Spotlight: MJRSALES.COM

Have you ever wondered how some women always have the flyest designer things? You just wonder to yourself how much they must spend on clothes because everything that they wear is designer? Well don't be fooled... the secret is now out.... The true fashionista's know how to shop for fly stuff on a budget.

That's where MJR sales comes in.

MJR Sales wholesale women's clothing store is proud to let women dress to impress for less with their discount women's clothing. They have been selling designer women's apparel, name brand fashions and designs and specialize in catalogue returns and retail overstocks for years to let you satisfy your passion for fashion! Be sure to check them out often for the best deals on discount women's clothing, as their extensive inventory of top quality designer women's apparel and name brand designer fashions at the lowest prices. Take a minute and browse their designer women's apparel and discount women's clothing site at, and they are sure that you will find the designer fashions you are looking for at a fraction of the cost of our competitors!
Shop for name brand designer women's apparel and discount women's clothing including: American Eagle, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Guess, H&M, Juicy Couture, Lucky, Zoe D & More.

Check out some of the items I found:

C. Stuart Ankle Boots -- Never too early to get ready for fall: $12.99

Betsey Johnson Canvas Sandles $45.00

Dye Denim Skinny Jeans: $8.99
Victoria's Secret off the shoulder blouse: $8.99
Juicy Couture Halter swimming top: $12.99
H&M Starlet Print Dress: $12.99

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rated Next: Bohemian Style Trends

So what's next on the style trend radar? The Bohemian style. Yes the Bohemian style ladies - it's not just for hippies anymore. I've been searching across the web and talking to some of my favorite fashion blogger friends and it looks the the "Boho" look is in. The celebs are adapting this look into their closets and so that means that the fashion innovators and trendsetters will be rockin it next.

Called Boho for short, the Bohemian look is earthy and layered, with loose, flowing fashions and accessories that are often made from natural materials like linen and gauzy cotton, wood, stones and leather. Woven items are popular and so are beads that are used in jewelry and to decorate purses, belts or anything else.

Tunics work over skirts or pants and can be loosely belted if you like. Vintage jewelry and fashions always have a place in a Bohemian ensemble.
Here are some different ways you can put together a modern bohemian look:

Check my footwork: Shoes of the week

Hey ladies!!! Y'all know what time it is!! Browsing the web for the sexiest, trendiest shoes is probably my favorite thing to write about.. well.. besides handbags... I am probably the BIGGEST accessory person ever. If I had to make a choice between accessories and clothes, I'd choose accessories in a heartbeat. Because as we all know that your accessories make the outfit!!

First up: The ASOS leather gladiator sandals.... yeah these babies are hot!!! I saw them on Sex and the City (of course) and fell in loooveeeee..... I almost jumped out of my chair when I seen them on one of my favorite shopping sites ASOS -

Next up: The Tatiana Peep Toe Pump by Betsey Johnson... I love these shoes because you can pair them up with hot jeans, a nice suit, or with a sexy dress to the club. With gas prices at a $1000 a gallon.. it's nice to be able to have a nice shoes that you can get multiple uses out of. You can grab a pair at your local Nordstrom or if you don't have one you can go to

The Moschino Satin Peep Toe pump is probably my favorite shoe of the week!! I am really into the deep blue or should I say "cobalt" blue color. I love the bow detail on the front as well. Again, this is another shoe that you can rock for work or play. As Weezy (Lil Wayne) says this shoe is "addicted to winter time - HOT". (sorry I just always wanted to say that lol)
Grab a pair at

Last, but definitely not least. The Nine West Ankle Strap Sandal. I love the purple and silver combination of this shoe. The berry color is excellent for all seasons but especially summer and fall. I love all the straps, there are just enough straps so that it does not look like a stripper shoe (no diss intended). This shoe is another multi purpose shoe. You can wear it anywhere. Want a pair? Go to or

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Style Spy: My favorite looks from the 2008 BET Awards

I really liked this dress!!! I am still unsure of whether this is something that she should have worn. You can see the girdle through her dress.. Not that we all don't wear girdles -- but the point is for it NOT to be obvious.... Maybe if she would have worn some jewelry around her neck - it would have taken the attention away from the girdle... or maybe not??????? The dress is hot though!!!
I like Toccara's dress.. I think that boob is annoying me though........... I like this dress on Ashanti - but it's definitely not something that I'd rock. Just because I'm really not into the whole slit thing anymore.
I love all the yellow on these ladies... I really liked Keyshia's Cole's dress....
I don't think I am digging Cassie's look too much... it looks like she want to forever 21 and jazzed it up.. maybe it's just me???? Chrisette Michelle looks gorgeous.....
I loved Solange's dress... I need something like that for my closet!!!!! Time to search!!! Check out Lil Kim's bag... I LOVE IT!!!!
Yaay or Naay? - Let's take a vote: who really likes these shoes????

What can I say? Rhianna has been killing the game this year already. We already knew that she would come looking hot!!

Lisa Raye looking absolutely gorgeous with the gold jump off. It looks very sexy on her!!
I absolutely love this Vneck bubble hem dress on Nia Long. That cut is ULTRA Fab and ULTRA sexy! I even like how the side gathers to accentuate the hips.

My favorite of the night: Alicia Keys. I think she looked hot in all of her wardrobe's. I especially like this hot pink strapless dress. This is hot!!!

I love this yellow dress. Very Trendy!!
I REALLY liked the white one piece jumpoff that Keisha had on with the knee high boots. Very sexy........
I've read alot of blogs where people are dogging this dress that Keisha had on, but, I really liked it. I like how it flows and the colors are gorgeous. I think the top of the dress throws it off though. Kinda looks like a wifebeater with a skirt. I don't know.....
I like the dress, but I really posted this photo because I am digging her shoes. Oh and this is Kid Sister for those of you who don't know who she is (I know I didn't) lol!!
** some photos courtesy of

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pink Diamond Shopping Report: Lucky Magazine lists the Summer Must have items under $100

Anyone who knows me, knows, that I LOVE fashion magazines. Especially LUCKY. Every month I stalk my mailbox looking for my magazine. I look to LUCKY for my style inspiration, because lets just face it - to be a good fashionista you have to always stay on top of what's new. This month LUCKY had an article called Summer Under $100 they rounded up 50 of the most fantastic—and affordable!—warm-weather pieces, all available on the Web. Here are a few:

A delicate layer of lace gives a pared-down shape a tea-party elegance.
Poly blend, $34.99, Isaac Mizrahi,
This pretty little clutch looks like the most sumptuous satin bow. Satin, $54.60, Brontibay Paris,

This vibrant long tank would be so pulled-together with skinny pants and wedge heels.
Cotton blend, $87, Ella Moss,

The most modern set of bangles: one circular, one square, in contrasting shades of bright orange and soft vanilla. Acrylic, $74 for set, By Malene Birger,
I absolutely adore this top!! This top is great for summer festivals, barbeques, concerts and even club hopping! The Crochet lace inserts give this the look of a coquettish antique camisole.
Cotton, $98, Free People,

Winning details—a ruffled front, flower buttons, and a scalloped hem—make this strapless denim dress so charming. This dress would look hot with the MIA Metallic snake print sandals shown below! Denim, $60,

Metallic snake print and a cluster of bronze baubles convey a quiet luxury.
Leather, $45, Mia, piperlime.comThe epitome of a statement accessory, this cuff has a colorful art deco vibe.
Resin, $88, Marc by Marc Jacobs,

Target Debuts Organic Skin Care Line from Asian & African American Remedies

( BLACK PR WIRE) MINNEAPOLIS (June 18, 2008) – Target (NYSE:TGT) unveiled today a new line of certified natural and organic skin care products developed exclusively for multicultural skin types. SheaMoisture is a distinctive array of bath, body and skin care products developed to address diverse skin care needs – from dry and sensitive to normal.
“SheaMoisture is more than a new line of body and beauty items,” said Greg Cunningham, Target Corporation’s Director of Multicultural Marketing. “All of our SheaMoisture products utilize high concentrations of pure Shea Butter, which is one of the most effective natural skin conditioners and moisturizers. This is an exceptional personal care solution for our guests with dry and special skin care needs.”
SheaMoisture ingredients are derived from African and Asian remedies and include aloe vera, to soothe and soften skin; jojoba oil, a fast-absorbing skin hydrator, vitamin A, to help sun-damaged skin and prevent premature wrinkles, and vitamin E, a powerful, natural antioxidant, which helps improve circulation and diminishes skin irritations.
The new product line includes: SheaMoisture Body Wash, SheaMoisture Soap, SheaMoisture Lotion, SheaMoisture Body Scrub, and SheaMoisture 100% Shea Butter. Target also introduced SheaMoisture Shave, a personal care solution exclusively for men experiencing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
The SheaMoisture line was developed in partnership with Sundial Brands, the privately owned African American skin care company that also developed and distributes the popular Nubian Heritage line.
“Target continues to demonstrate an eagerness to provide innovative products of value to all of its guests,” said Richelieu Dennis, Sundial Brands founder and CEO. “This partnership represents our common values of dedication to multicultural communities and support for minority-owned businesses.”

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maternity Style

Over the past 6 months, I've been blessed with new babies coming into my life. All of my best friends are having or had children this year. Of course they all always ask me why I never write anything about trends in maternity clothes. Of course, I don't have any children (and don't plan on having any for a while) so I don't know the first thing about being fly while pregnant. I checked around the web for some good pregnancy advice and found some very good tips from Isabella Oliver online maternity store in the UK. Here are the tips they gave:
Don't delay
Well-designed maternity clothing will last a whole pregnancy with over 2 seasons of fashion. Choose iconic maternity designs to flatter you from early pregnancy to at least 3 months after birth. The sooner you buy, the more chance you have to mix and accessorise your new maternity wardrobe creating different looks. A capsule wardrobe is a great place to start.

Avoid trimester specific buying
Avoid buying pieces that only give you a few weeks of pregnancy wear. Our signature designs feature wrapping and ruching to create a neat fitted look that grows with you throughout your pregnancy. Learn how to wrap perfectly and discover the secrets of ruching with our online videos.

Don't lose your sense of style

You know what suits you. Take inspiration from your current wardrobe and pick maternity wear versions of your favourite looks. Add accessories like shoes, bags and sunglasses to key in to the season's trends. For fresh ideas see Our favorites, customers' Best sellers and what's new.

Bigger is not better

Wearing 'his' clothing is a maternity mistake we all make. Tops fall off your shoulders, sag behind, and hang off your bump like a tablecloth. You lose your elegant silhouette and look (and feel) bigger than you are. And regular clothes need to go up a size each month to fit your bump. That's why maternity designs that grow with you are better for your self-esteem and your budget.

Delight in the details
Pick maternity clothes that highlight the best parts of your pregnant body, like sexy curves and radiant skin. Designer details, side ruching and long wrap ties will help clothes grow with you creating that neat fit during pregnancy and for months to come as your body regains its shape.
Think about the fabric Look for fabrics that give you comfort and performance in pregnancy and the 4th Trimester when you'll wear and wash clothes more intensely than ever. Quality is key. That's why we use superior pregnancy friendly fabrics that stretch, let your skin breathe and are more durable than non-maternity wear.

Be clever with color
Introduce chic maternity clothes to your existing wardrobe to form a capsule collection. Black, white and neutrals always work for any occasion. Add a splash of colour with key pieces including reversible maternity designs that add contrast details and twice the palette to choose from.