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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pink Diamond It Bags

* Warning * Whenever I write about "It Bags", "It Shoes", "It Clothes" or whatever, I am writing about things that I like - not what some celebrity likes, or is paid to wear. I refuse to write about what Hollywood says is in so that people like us will go out and spend our entire month's paycheck on what other's consider to be in style. If Beyonce and I happen to like the same bag - then hey - great minds must think alike.

I spend countless of hours everyday on the Internet, reading magazines, exclusive emails or press releases to make my own determination of what's in. Honestly, what sets me apart from others, is that I really could CARE LESS,what some celebrity is wearing UNLESS it's something that I really like. Like most people, I have very expensive taste, but don't spend that kind of money. All of the bags that I choose, are ones that I love, but will not go out and spend the $ on it. My secret - I choose what I like and then find bags that are similar to it. I don't mean go and purchase a knock-off, I mean pay close attention to the shape, color, handles and material of an expensive bag I like and see if I can find one similar to it or run to my local TJ Maxx or Marshalls to see if the bag might be there. You will be surprised to see what bags they have for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite it bags of this season grouped by category: Hobo, Tote, Satchel, Shoulder Bag & Clutch.

Hobo bags:

Juicy Couture Leather Hobo

Dior Jeanne Small Hobo

Versace Monogram Hobo

Tote Bags:

Lamb Lucca Tote

Juicy Couture Leather Spa Bag
Zac Posen Antonia Bag

Satchel bags:

Fendi Selleria Grand Borghese Bag

Versace Mixed Material Snap Out Of It Bag

Shoulder bags:

Isabella Fiore French Twist Ausin Bag

Dior Pusse Basket Bag
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Prive Gabardine Bag

Clutch Bags:

Kooba Penelope Mirror Clutch
Goldenblew Katie Ruched Clutch

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