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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deep thoughts: Lil Kim's 24-7 star clothing line

I know that most of you have heard about Lil Kim's new clothing line slated to debut soon called 24-7 star. Now, I am a big little Kim fan. I love her edgy, cocky, attitude that she portrays through her music and her image. When I listen to her old Cd's - especially the ones from the pre-plastic surgery era (no diss), it just brings back memories. Yes Lil Kim was very vulgar, but, I gotta admit, she would say things that I wished that I could say to a guy(to a certain extent).

I also admire Kim's sense of style - well sometimes. It seems that she has a good eye for style, although, like most celebrities, she does not always practice good judgement.

So thinking of this makes me wonder what her clothing line will be like. Will it be trendy, classy, couture-like fashion? Or, will it be trashy and slutty? Hate to be so direct, but we all know it. Lil Kim sometimes is borderline with fashion. She knows whats hot, she speaks of what's hot, but she don't always rock whats hot. I guess we will soon see. Hopefully, it is something that will represent her style and image well. If I was on her team, I would make sure that line is something that is very chic, and uptown - ish (if that's a word), something that represents a cross between the style of the Junior Mafia Lil Kim - and the post op Lil Kim.

Something like this:

Never this:

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