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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Dresses

summer time
summer time - by carlitapitts on

At last! Spring has officially arrived. I am so excited about the warm weather approaching. One thing about me is that I love dresses. Especially those that have a lot of personality. I love all kinds of prints, colors, materials - whatever compliments my body shape and skin tone. I made a collage of some of my favorite dresses I found on the web. Let me know what you think of them.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Moody Mondays: Makeup tips to bring back spring glow....

I am sooo happy that it is now March 2nd Spring is near!! Only 19 days until Spring officially arrives. I couldn't be happier. So of course thatmeans it's time for more shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories and of course beauty products. If you are anything like me, the winter season can wreak havoc on your skin. What can you to bring that beautiful glowing skin back?

I found an article in the Northwest Herald newspaper ( that gives some good tips on how to bring that glow back.
Check it out:
Spring makeup brings out the rosy glow that winter takes away.
The beach is months away and your face is showing the distance.
Pasty, dry winter skin cries out for a glow and achieving the luminous bloom of spring is possible with expert tips and the right products.
Go for the glow
Kimara Ahnert, of the Kimara Ahnert Makeup Studio in New York City, says to begin the glow regimen with a skincare masque to hydrate dull, dehydrated winter skin.
“It stimulates the skin, bringing a natural, healthy glow that will enhance the look of any makeup product,” she says.
Richard Class, makeup artist at bluemercury in Lincoln Park, favors tinted moisturizer as foundation and suggests going a shade darker than your natural complexion to add warmth.
Bronzer is essential
Cover Girl celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern suggests applying a light dusting of bronzer where the sun would naturally hit the face – cheek bones, bridge of nose, forehead and chin.

Stay away from terracotta orange bronzers of the past and opt for more natural brown tones.
Ahnert also likes illuminators in cream or powder form that add glow to the skin on tops of cheekbones and on the forehead.
Don’t be obvious
Class favors the look of rosy pink blush worn under bronzer.
“It gives the illusion of a burn,” he says, mimicking an afternoon spent in the sun. His vision for spring calls for flawless, porcelain skin and a glowy, almost doll-like look. He says the obvious makeup look is gone: Think Reese Witherspoon, not Dita Von Teese.
Eyes should shimmer
Eyes for spring are awash in light, luminescent finishes, not heavy liner and dark shadows. Ahnert suggests neutral shades like copper, gold or champagne lit with sparkle to flatter all skin tones and ages. Adding a touch of shine to the eyes’ inner corners via an almost-white, shimmery powder or cream will make them pop, she says. Class also favors a bare-eyed look, with minimal shadow and a coat of mascara, to allow glowing skin to take center stage.
Brush your lips
Let your toothbrush get lips started for spring. A gentle brush exfoliates dry lips and gives a plumping effect, Ahnert says.
She likes glossy lips but opts for a lipstick formula: “The color is richer, smoother and lasts longer.”
A bit of neutral shimmery eye shadow drawn very subtly over the top lip can accentuate the shape, she says. Using a pearly gloss dabbed just in the center of the lip makes them look fuller, too.
Spring’s flush of colors
Glowing, soft and feminine are all buzzwords for the face of spring 2009.
Here are the colors that will get you there:
Check out the rest of the article here: