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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Need a bigger backside?

Dear Pink Diamond,

I really love your blog. I read it all the the time. Since you seem to know alot about clothes and stuff, I was wondering if you can give me some advice, I am too embarassed to ask my friends. All my friends have big butts and I have none. Literally - none at all :(. I was wondering if there is anything that you can recommend for me. I don't want it to be super huge because then it will be obvious. I just want something that will give me a little push.

Thank you.

Need more butt
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Need More,

You know that I have your back. With all the hype nowadays with having a big butt, it will make any woman want to have a big butt too. But don't be fooled - there are many women out here are faking it - including celebrities.

There are many products out there that you can use to help push the appearance of your butt. There are booty bands, booty pads,all kinds of things. The thing is - taking the time to find which one is for you. You don't want one that will make you look like you have four butts and shows through your clothes, and you don't want one that makes you look unporportional. I have compiled some of the highest rated butt boosting items on the market.

Product #1 - Butt Boosting Derriere Bands by Bubbles: Bubbles Bands are like a push-up bra for your booty! It's a special combination of fabrics provides upward push for a small or flat tush. There's a "no-roll" band engineered for comfort, support & hold. It's designed to support the thigh & butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing. It's silicone provides all-night anti-gravity support for a no-slip comfort fit. It disappears even under very tight clothing.

Tip: Bubbles Bands are best suited for women with slender or toned thighs who do not want shaping around the leg. Take Bubbles shopping with you. You will find that your butt will look great in most of the jeans you try on, giving you more options in the way of style, fit and price!

You can get bubbles bands for $17.99 at

Product #2 - Squeem-Brazilian Butt Lift High Waisted Rubber Cincher
You've all heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift, now you can achieve a firm, smooth, lifted buttocks without the surgery! Squeem, makers of the original waist reducing rubber cincher for over 30 years, have developed this fantasic new product designed with your behind in mind. High waist smoothes away midriff buldge.

The Brazilian Butt Lifter:

Instantly lifts, firms and smooths buttocks.
Reduces saddlebags.
Accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage.

You can get the Brazilian Butt lifter for $82.00 at

Product # 3: Love my Buns padded boyshorts
You've never seen anything like this! That's because LoveMyBuns padded underwear is a proudly patent-pending padded underwear design that you won't find anywhere else. The "Before and After's" speak for themselves!

The low-rise waistline and high-cut boyshort style means that this sexy little number can be worn under just about anything without showing...from hip-hugger jeans to short-shorts.

Featuring hidden interior pad pockets so no one will know that there's padding inside.

Pads are color-matched to the panty to further prevent detection. And unlike traditional silicone pads, our patent-pending foam pads have a new, revolutionary shape that turns a flat profile to a realistic baby-got-back booty!

You can purchase love my buns padded boyshorts for $34.00 at

Good luck with your search!!!

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