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Monday, July 16, 2007

Looking for a few good diamonds? - Pink Diamond sponsored post

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend and I can attest to that because I can never have enough. That's the reason I named my company, "Pink Diamond". For the past few weeks, I have been searching for some new diamond earrings. I was looking for something unique, stylish and classy that reflects my personality and my budget.

I did not realize that looking for Diamonds was such a daunting task. There are so many options to consider when looking for diamonds - the color, the size, the shape, the weight, the clarity, blah, blah, blah. With so many things to look for, how do you choose?

Lucky for me (and you), I found an online retailer, Abazias Diamonds, that specializes in the sale of loose diamonds, engagement rings, bracelets, studs and more. They have everything!! For all of the Paris Hilton fans out there, they even have exclusive watches from her collection.

The thing that is so cool about Abazias, is that you can design your own jewelry according to what fits you. Personally, I wanted something nice, but affordable. I played around with the site for hours, looking at different options, as there are thousands of diamonds to choose from. At one point, I got so confused about which diamonds to choose, that I could not figure out which diamonds to select. However, Abazias has a really cool Diamond Education Guide, that helped me to understand how to choose a diamond. This really helped me, because as a beginner with purchasing diamonds, I was overwhelmed.

Some other benefits of purchasing with Abazias is that you get free shipping on all orders, no matter what size. If you purchase a ring for $100.00, you get free shipping, if you purchase a necklace for $1000.00 you get free shipping!! That's not all - you also get free gift wrapping, and a complimentary gift!! Let's be honest here - How many times have you shopped for jewelry and received free gift wrapping, free shipping and a complimentary gift? Probably never!

I am truly impressed with Abazias and I am sure you will be too. Check out their website and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Neat gadgets - Pursesitter

Universally known as a purse hanger, purse hook or purse caddy, PurseSitter is the most fashionable "Must Have" accessory for all the Fashionistas!
No more worries about where to put your handbags when you are out and about. PurseSitter will keep them safe for you!

Every woman has asked themselves these questions before when they go out for dinner or drinks......"Where do I put my purse??"On the floor?? No! Definitely not hygienic especially with all these super germs flying around nowadays.On the back of the chair?? No, I don’t want my purse or wallet to get stolen. On my lap?? No, not the most comfortable or convenient solution either. If you have the same concerns as I do, then worry no more and here is a chic, fashionable and practical solution to a common problem that every woman.

PurseSitter is the answer to your questions!! Our stylish purse hooks are a mini bag hanger suitable for all types of handbags. Simply attach the round medallion to the edge of a table or counter top and the slip-resistant cushioned pad on our purse hangers will hold your handbag securely next to you and off the dirty floor. Simple and Easy to Use!Let PurseSitter do the job of looking after your beautiful purses for you! Sit back, relax and enjoy your drinks and dinner!

You can purchase the purse sitter online at

I'm diggin.....

Luxrie Clothing - a division of LRG
Check it out:

Kimora Lee Simmmons - "Life in the Fab Lane "reality show premieres August 5th

Model, fashion mogul, mother, diva-- there are lots of ways to describe the ultimate multi-tasker Kimora Lee Simmons, but one word covers every aspect of her life -- fabulous. A new reality series on The Style Network, "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane,"presents a candid and entertaining look at the over-the-top life of Kimora Lee Simmons. From serving as the CEO and creative force of the global brand Baby Phat, to being a mom to two little girls, to hosting and attending VIP events, the weekly program offers viewers an exclusive and unprecedented look behind the closed doors of Kimora's fashion empire and her home life."Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" premieres with a special one-hour episode on Sunday, August 5, at 8 PM ET/PT, only on Style.

Lee Simmons is a woman who takes charge of life and lives it to the fullest. She made "phat" a household word through her fashion house,Baby Phat, the multi-million dollar enterprise she runs with the trademark style that inspires every aspect of her life. She is a loving mother who juggles the demands of being a successful executive, while also raising her two young daughters Ming and Aoki with their father, hip-hop legend Russell Simmons. What is the secret of her success? How does she do it all? In a television first, The Style Network's cameras follow Kimora to find out the answers. The one-hour premiere episode goes inside the Baby Phat offices to witness the fiery process behind creating a major new advertising campaign-- from initial concepts to the final shoot in LA. Viewers also have an opportunity to be "flies on the wall" during a meeting with Kimora and executives from Mattel regarding a top-secret Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie(R)doll in development. Then, when the demands of running a fashion empire get too stressful, Style's cameras return to Kimora's house to capture a session with her yoga instructor as he helps her to unwind with some unusual positions. Kimora's yoga instructor also visits the Baby Phatoffices to help her staff de-stress, with some unexpected results. As the season continues, "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" viewers get to know Kimora Lee Simmons on a very personal level. They wake-up with Kimora as she starts her busy day. They make repeat visits to the Baby Phat offices and store. They travel the globe with her to Los Angeles, New York and Cannes as she works and plays. They go with Kimora to exclusive star-studded events, including a Baby Phat fashion show and a Hollywood Vanity Fair party, where she exudes her signature style. And they get to see Kimora's soft side -- having fun with her family and being a mom. Throughout the run of the series, viewers also meet Kimora's two adorable daughters Ming and Aoki and the "cast" of individuals that support her -- from her cook, yoga instructor and dog trainer, to her lawyer, publicist, personal assistant and Baby Phat staff.

Tune-in to "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" starting Sunday, August 5 at 8 PM ET/PT, on The Style Network -- and get to know the real Kimora. (After the one-hour premiere, "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" will continue weekly with new half-hour episodes).

AT&T 'Suits Up' - And Teams Up With Top Fashion Experts - For An All-Access Pass To Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim

SAN ANTONIO, July 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sunglasses, swimsuits and svelte bodies -- nothing says summertime like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim. AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced today the opportunity for fashionistas from coast to coast to enjoy the sights and sounds of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim virtually anytime and from anywhere on their AT&T wireless handsets. As the exclusive wireless provider of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AT&Twill offer wireless subscribers an insider's view of major fashion events,access to the hottest designer downloads, exclusive trend reports and fashion and beauty tips from the experts -- including television personality and taste maker Robert Verdi, designers Tracy Reese, Jenni Kayne, Louis Verdad, Costello Taglia pietra and beauty destination Sephora-- that you won't find anywhere else. "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim is the place to find hot new trends for summer," said TV personality and taste maker Robert Verdi. "And there is no bigger trend right now -- in fashion and beyond -- than new mobile handsets and accessories. I'm thrilled to be jumping into the water,so to speak, with AT&T to bring the fun and sun of this hot Miami event to all the fabulous fashionistas looking to get celebrity chic this summer." Beginning today, customers of AT&T wireless will have access to "The Daily Front Row to Go," a mobile version of the popular Daily Front Row newsletter. Published by global sports, entertainment and media company --and Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week producer -- IMG, the Daily Front Row provides exclusive, up- to-the-minute access to designer shows, models and elite parties, as well as the latest fashion trend news and hot new swimwear items and accessories.

Specific wireless offerings include:

-- Fashion News: Up-to-the-minute images from all of the designer runway shows from the cabanas of Miami Beach. AT&T's 3G customers can even access exclusive, same-day, straight-from-the-runway video footage from all of the designer shows.

-- Behind the Scenes: Ever wonder what A-list celebrities do after the shows? With AT&T wireless, consumers can stay up to date on what's hot and what's not with behind-the-scenes footage and photos from elite, private parties and events.

-- Today's Obsession: Fashion week is all about the newest products that you can't live without. Find out what they are, where to get them and why you need them while on the go.

-- Quotes: Get some of the most delicious, outrageous things that fashion insiders are saying about Summer 2008 delivered directly to your cell phone.

-- Fashion Tips: By texting the word STYL to FTIPS (38477), AT&T wireless subscribers can access exclusive trend reports, tips from trunk shows and style and beauty advice from top celebrity stylists, designers and retailers. "More and more, consumers are looking for niche, on-demand, mobile entertainment experiences on their own terms," said David Garver, executive director, Segment Marketing and Sponsorships, AT&T.

"AT&T's sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a great example of offering unique content that is accessible anytime, anywhere over the mobile device. Through this sponsorship, our wireless customers can enjoy an exclusive look at hot designer shows, private parties and expert tips from today's top designers and celebrity stylists." "The Daily Front Row to Go" can be accessed by all AT&T wireless subscribers at no additional charge.

To access content, AT&T wireless customers will need to follow three simple steps:

1. Choose the MEdia Net option on your phone's main menu or, for 3G customers, choose the AT&T Video option on your phone's main menu.

2. Click on Entertainment.

3. Click on Fashion.

To access AT&T Video content, consumers will need to purchase a 3G phone and a $19.99 MEdia Net Unlimited package. For more information on this package or other MEdia Bundles, check out

Black Women Continue to Set Hair Fashion Trends Thanks to Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp.

Nothing can boost a woman's self-confidence and attitude more than wearing the hair she always dreamed of but never thought she could have. Whether she wants to look sophisticated, sassy, businesslike or casual, she can achieve a natural look with wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions from Especially Yours.

"Today's time-challenged, over-scheduled woman is looking for versatility without sacrificing glamour," said Jessie Bourneuf, president of Specialty Catalog Direct. "Once considered the domain of grandmothers and women with medical hair loss, today's wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are giving women all across America the freedom to unleash their true inner beauty while at the same time, eliminating bad hair days." "Celebrities such as Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Madonna, Halle Berry and Celine Dion utilize wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces to help ensure that they always have beautiful hair, day in and day out," Bourneuf stated. "For the average consumer who wants to update her look or change her hairstyle for the summer or fall without damaging her own natural hair, she too can glam up her look with a wig, hairpiece or hair extensions."

Wigs are an essential beauty item for many black women. Although African- American women comprise only 13 percent of the total female population in the United States, they purchase more than 50 percent of all retail wigs, weaves and hairpieces sold to women. Catalog and online sales of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are growing exponentially. Thirty percent of African-American women prefer purchasing their wigs from catalogs. "Black women wear wigs as fashion accessories and as time-savers, as well as to give their hair a rest from the treatments required to help manage their hair," Bourneuf said. "Sales of wigs are growing as more and more women seek to supplement their beauty arsenal with the right wig,hairpiece or hair extensions".

"There are many looks and many types of wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions to choose from," Bourneuf added. "Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp. can give you advice, teach you what's hot and help you choose the styles and looks that are right for you."

Specialty Catalog Corp. wigs come in all styles, textures, colors and blends to accommodate every woman's taste, mood and style.

Full Coverage Wigs: Everything from bob to a shoulder length, with or without bangs, in both synthetic and human hair.

Half Wigs: For women who don't want a full wig, half wigs allow them to blend their natural hair with a wig for volume and/or length.

Falls: For women who want to sport their natural hair at the front of their heads, falls offer incredible versatility. They can be worn as a ponytail, stylish flip, curls or a simple to-the-shoulder look.


Lace wigs: A very unique wig built on a sheer lace cap. The key feature is naturalness of the hairline. A lace wig, even when the hair is parted,looks incredibly natural, as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp.
Celebrity wig lines: Diahann Carroll, Brandy, Naomi Sims.

Styles: Bobs, bangs and buns are back in style; highlights and color blends are also very popular.

Ethnic women: New Hair(R) is a revolutionary hair extension invention for African-American women that is taking the hairdressing industry by storm. The technology is seamless and looks so natural that it is virtually impossible to tell where one's own hair ends and New Hair(R) begins.New Hair(R) was created by Simi Belo, a black woman from the United Kingdom who now lives in Atlanta.


1. Speed - It takes seconds to attach or remove;

2. Saves Money - Because it is paid for only once, can be used again and again, even if it has been cut and styled; and can last for years;

3. Flexibility - It can be removed at night to let your real hair and scalp breathe

4. Easy maintenance - Once the wig has been removed, the real hair can be loosened anytime for thorough washing and, of course, the wig itself can be washed.


According to Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp., there are three fundamental elements to wearing wigs, hairpieces and extensions well:proper selection, proper styling and good maintenance. Specialty Catalog Corp. offers the following advice:

- Select products according to the look you want: Do you want to add volume to your current hairstyle? Or are you after long and glamorous locks? Do you simply feel like adding a splash of color? Perhaps you want a totally new look! Different products offer different benefits. For example, full, traditional wigs and New Hair(R) can deliver a whole new you while clip-in extensions and ponytails allow you to add that extra length or color exactly where you need it.

- Select the type of hair based on your lifestyle: If you plan on wearing a wig, hair piece or extensions every day, you should invest in a human hair style. It is the most versatile and natural in appearance, and can be styled and totally customized. Synthetic hair is best for the woman on the go who needs a quick change and wants ready-made hair or a ready- made style.

- Have an option for each mood: Not sure what look you will want or need next? Don't limit yourself to just one wig or fall! Enjoy a selection that covers all possibilities - a full, traditional wig or a New Hair(R) wig for a total makeover; a bun for up-dos and elegant evening functions; and clip-on pieces for quick highlights, and so on!

- Choose colors that complement and enhance your skin tone: Look for color variation and tone when making a selection.

- Style your hair: Play with your wigs, hairpieces or extensions as if they are your own hair ... ..after all, when they are on your head, they are your own hair! Synthetic hair products are already styled for your ease and convenience, so make sure you choose the style you are after. Then just smooth the hair down or finger-style it often to maintain the look. Human hair products, however, can be cut and tailored into whatever style you like!

- Let your scalp breathe: It is important to maintain your own scalp and hair while wearing wigs, hairpieces and extensions. Purchase a wig with a thin, airy cap that will allow your scalp to breathe. Remove and reapply your clip-in extensions, half wigs and falls frequently.

- Proper storage: Keep your wig fresh by storing it on a Styrofoam(R) wig stand. Always buy a stand that is smaller than your head, so the wig doesn't stretch. Stretching will cause it to lose its shape. New Hair(R), falls, half wigs, and clip-in extensions should be wrapped in protective nets and stored flat.

- Keep your wig clean: Shampoo and condition it every two weeks. Beauty Award Winners!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Beauty Awards.

For those of you that didn't know, over the past month, thousands of beauty fans flocked to (including me) and voted for their favorite makeup, hair, body and skincare products. There were over 500 brands and 3000 products submitted, but, only 56 products walked away with the honor.

I am very excited about some of the products that were chosen, some I have never used, but I anxious to try them since they worked well for others.

The product that I am most excited about is Imju Fiberwig Mascara - which won the top editor's pick award. To me - this is the best mascara ever!! I love Bad Girl Lash as well, but Imju is my top favorite. Along with Mac studio stick concealer and Guerlain Terracota Bronzer- which both one Readers Choice awards.

Here is the list of the 2007 Glam Beauty Award winners:

Readers' Choices:

Lip Gloss/Plumper - Lancome Juicy Tubes
Concealer - MAC Studio Stick Concealer
Eye Shadow - Nars Single Eyeshadow Compact
Mascara - Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara
Blush - Mark Just Pinched
Bronzer - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer
Lipstick - Nars Lipstick in Afghan Red
Nail Polish - O.P.I.
Eyeliner - MAC Technakohl Liner
Shampoo/Conditioner Brand - Herbal Essences
Hair Repair Product - Avon Advance Techniques Intense Repair
Curl Enhancer - Redken Ringlet
Straight Product - Mark Salon Straight Smoothing Balm
Deep Conditioner - Pantene Pro-V Restoratives
Volumizer - Matrix Hair Care Amplify Foam Volumizer
Frizz-Fighter - Avon Advance Techniques Anti-Frizz Casules
Moisturizer - Avon Anew Retroactive Youth Day Cream
Eye Cream - Clinique All About Eyes
Makeup Remover - Lancome Bi-Facil
Wash/Exfoliator - St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Blemish Treatment - Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

Glam Editors' Picks:

Cosmetics - Lip Gloss/Plumper - Lancome Juicy Tubes
Cosmetics - Concealer - Stila Illuminating Concealer
Cosmetics - Eye Shadow - Nars Single Eyeshadow Compact
Mascara - Imju Fiberwig Mascara (Yaay!!)
Blush - Smashbox O-Glow
Bronzer - Cargo Bronzer
Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick
Nail Polish - Creative Nail Design
Eyeliner - Benefit BADgal
Shampoo/Conditioner Brand - Herbal Essences
Hair Repair Product - Phyto Phytojoba Intense Mask
Curl Enhancer - Redken Ringlet
Straight Product - Philip B Drop Down Straight Baume
Deep Conditioner - Philosophy Shear Splendor
Volumizer - Matrix Hair Care Amplify Foam Volumizer
Frizz-Fighter - John Frieda Hair Serum
Moisturizer - Nars Skin Hydrating Lotion
Eye Cream - Erno Laszlo TranspHuse
Makeup Remover - Lancome Bi-Facil
Wash/Exfoliator - Cetaphil
Blemish Treatment - Clinique Spot Healing Gel

Monday, July 2, 2007

What I Want now!!!

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Dereon Summer Must Haves

Love these looks? Me too. Get yours at (or your local Marshalls/TJ Maxx stores).
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Forever 21 picks

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Lil Wayne to release 2 clothing lines

Lil Wayne, the best rapper alive according to a BET vote, is looking to get into his own brand of Hip Hop Clothing. In an interview with SOHH.COM, the New Orleans born rapper told a journalist he has plans to launch two clothing brands. The first of the two brands, Foreign Money, will be a mens brand. Hip Hop clothing industry news site predicts it to be a representation of the rapper's current rock star / streetwear style. "Expect more fitted clothing. Skulls are dead and losing trend power now so I don't see Wayne going that direction. Hopefully this Foreign Money clothing line will be something Wayne and his current stylist oversee. Definitely don't want a repeat of Jim Jones' Gnostic clothing... The Diplomats and Wayne seem to doing a lot together now but this should not be one," says the director. Lil Wayne's other line, Double U, will be a women's clothing brand. Details on designers and who shall influence it have not been revealed on-line. However, unofficial sources told there might be more celebrity influence on Wayne's Hip Hop clothing brand for women.
Rapper Nelly has been cited by Lil Wayne as a career influence in helping him maintain relevance in today's Hip Hop music business. It's a possibility Wayne is following the footsteps of the Vokal and Apple Bottoms clothing line founder to build his own brand. St Louis rapper Nelly has had major success with his womens clothing brand Apple Bottoms, recently announcing it's release to Africa's urban fashion market. Lil Wayne will definitely have a lot to manage building his two brands and keeping the cycle of his successful career going. In other recent news, Lil Wayne is set to star in a new online reality series. The show, "Making the Next Hit! With Lil Wayne," aims to discover new producers, models, singers, comedians and rappers, and will be hosted by veteran MC Busy Bee and Pit, producer of the Shop Boyz’ "Party Like a Rock star." "Making the Next Hit!" will air via the new web channel theNext.TV beginning in January. The production crew will hold auditions in Philadelphia on Aug. 12, to be followed by events in Atlanta, New Jersey and New York. Once the show chooses a winner, Cash Money Records will have first right of refusal in signing that act. Clothing from the Foreign Money brand may be worn during the show so definitely tune in and watch.

source: So Jones

Cassie as new face of Sean John

Hip Hop Mogul SEAN "'DIDDY' COMBS has dismissed speculation he has dropped R&B singer CASSIE from his Bad Boy record label. In fact, the Hip Hop clothing and accessory designer has slated the hit R&B singer to be the face for his new Sean John women's lines. Combs was recently forced to deny reports she had been released from her contract with Bad Boy Records following poor sales of her debut album, and insists she is here to stay with her new appointment. He tells MTV, "She's just been announced as the face of Sean John Women," in a brief statement, acknowledging her position in future plans beyond music. "She's perfect," said Combs. Combs will launch the female version of his popular Sean John clothing range in September (07) along with the Unforgivable fragrance for Women.
Sean Diddy Combs, founder of Sean John, has undisputedly become the most acknowledged Hip Hop clothing designer around the world. The Harlem-born music mogul and businessman took his brand to new heights by becoming a part of 'black history' and American History. The Sean John clothing boutique on Fifth Avenue was the first Black owned business opened on the popular fashion shopping strip of New York City's Midtown. Diddy later became the first American of African descent to win a FiFi fragrance award for his Unforgivable men's fragrance. Unforgivable by Sean John has been so popular with men that is made a rift in the cologne and perfume worlds. Unforgivable was the first men's fragrance to top all women's perfume sales.

Source: Urban Fashion News -