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Saturday, September 22, 2007

LAMB Silk Ruffle Blouse

This blouse is really cute and kinda funky..... very different.

Have you seen?

The new open toe boots at Arden B. They are absolutely adorable. It's a cute twist to peep toe pumps. Too bad I live in Ohio and I would only be able to wear them for another month before it's too cold.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What I want now!

I absolutely adore this silk chiffon & tweed dress by Black Halo. It is exclusively sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and was featured in this month's issue of Lucky Magazine.

Of course, it comes with a stiff price tag of $350 - so I will just have to wait a long time for it to go on sale or completely recreate the look with cheaper items.
In my opinion, even though it's extremely cute - it's still a bit too simple for my taste, I would have to hook it up with some cute accessories.

Take a look:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm Diggin.........

The Belted Wool Trench Coat from Victoria Secret. I love the big bold buttons, and the bright gold color. I think it's the perfect coat to make you stand out in the winter. I am purchasing this coat today - on sale for $148.00 at

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Venus Williams launches fashion collection

Tennis superstar Venus Williams and retailer Steve & Barry’s® announced today they are creating the largest fashion collection ever launched by a female athlete. The collection, called EleVen™ by Venus Williams, features a wide assortment of classic, active lifestyle and performance looks, on-court as well as casual footwear, accessories, and more. The signature item in the line is the “V-Court,” a high performance, on-court sneaker. Williams, the four-time Wimbledon Champion (including 2007) and two-time U.S. Open Champion, will debut the V-Court during her matches at the U.S. Open next week. Hitting store shelves in time for the Holiday Season this November, EleVen will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores nationwide. The launch of EleVen includes over 120 pieces, including nine styles of athletic footwear in a wide variety of color ways, track suits, fleece outerwear, street active apparel, graphic t-shirts, puffy down jackets with removable sleeves, denim jackets and jeans, velour items, tote and gym bags, jewelry, sports socks and bras, and more.
EleVen marks Williams’ first-ever fashion line created with an exclusive retailer. Collaborating with a dedicated team of Steve & Barry’s designers, Williams has immersed herself in the creation of every piece. Having spent much of her personal time over the past several years receiving a formal education in fashion design, Williams is drawing upon her learning to create a collection that represents her confidence and energy on the court, and her personal style, femininity and fun personality off of it. “I love fashion and the idea that I am using my design education to actually create clothing and footwear that I will wear on and off the tennis court is a dream come true for me,” said Williams. “The vision has been to create a collection that will allow women to easily transition throughout their active lifestyles and still look fashionable. I’m thrilled with everything we’ve created to launch EleVen.” Williams said the name EleVen comes from the address of the home where she first lived in California, together with her sister Serena and the rest of her family. “We are excited to welcome Venus Williams to the Steve & Barry’s family,” said Steve & Barry’s President Andy Todd. “Venus represents such fantastic qualities – achievement, fun, style – and she worked hard with our design team to ensure EleVen genuinely represents those attributes in the EleVen collection. Our shoppers are going to love this line.” Everything in EleVen will be priced at $19.98 and under, including the V-Court sneaker, which will retail for $14.98. While the price point is affordable, the quality of the V-Court is high-end, offering similar construction and styling as many of the most expensive tennis sneakers on the market.
EleVen by Venus Williams will be sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores nationwide beginning mid-November. It will be merchandised in a store-within-store environment featuring specially designed fixtures and signage beginning this November. More information about EleVen and Steve & Barry's is available online at
Source: Black PR Wire

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work wear

What are you wearing to work?

If you are in a corporate atmosphere, or even somewhere that you are supposed to be wearing business casual attire, I hope that you are doing just that.
Just like everyone else, I have a 9-5 job at a bank. Everyday except fridays, we are expected to dress business casual. Everyday I come into work and see people who are seriously pushing the dress code and I wonder if these people don't know any better, or do they just not care about their job. You would not believe some of the stuff that I see everyday. I am all for being different, but sometimes I think we take it a little too far.

So for those of you women (you know who you are) who wear tops that are too low, blouses and dresses that are see through, patent leather shoes with 4 inch heels and straps, and mini-skirts - I am going to show you how to dress for work. Each week, I will hand pick some of my favorite style options for those of us in business casual jobs.

This week I am in love with Victoria's Secrets career wear. I really like the stylish high waist suspender pants, the trendy puff sleeve tops, tailored cut vests and seasonless stretch skirts.
High waisted plaid skirt - $78.00
Pencil skirt in seasonless stretch - $59.50
High Waist suspender pants - $98.00
Pinstripe 5 button vest - clearance - $24.99
Prices too high? Check out where you can find Victoria Secret and VS brand items for less.What are you wearing to work?

Trend Watch: Colored Denim

Is it just me? Or is it taking a little while for everyone to jump on the band wagon for the colored denim trend. I have been paying attention to this trend for a while, but I am slowly starting to like it more and more. At first, I thought we were bringing back the old school style of colored denim. Like these:
Then I was watching an episode of 106 & Park, and Rocsi had on a VERY sexy pair of black denim. That's when I decided that I do like the colored denim, but I am not in love with them yet.

What do you think?