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Monday, September 22, 2008

Moody Mondays: Rants, Raves & Reviews -- Acid Wash Jeans (Not again)

So my fellow fashion homie Razzi over at gave me the scoop that acid wash jeans are going to be the new thing this year. I have to admit - I kept saying that I was not going to rock acid wash jeans again (just like leggings and stir up pants), but again, I may just change my mind. I really like how Rhianna rocked hers, especially with those silver pumps. Now I have all kinds of ideas racing in my head of how I can put something hot together.
Hmmm.... I don't know. What do you think?

Eco Mondays: & Eco Luxe

Ecoist, the eco-design company behind the original candy wrapper bags, introduces the Fall/Winter collection and marks the start of the brand differentiation with three lines- Ecoist Classics, Ecoist Flavors, and Ecoist Luxe.

Beginning with the tried and true, the renowned Ecoist Classics line is the staple of the company’s product offering. With the signature looks such as Confetti, Newspaper, Magazine, Barcode, and Silver, the Ecoist Classics bags are available in four fabulous styles: Coin Purse ($22), Every/Any ($28), Baguette ($48), and Pochette ($48).

Ecoist Flavors, available in the same styles as the Classics, is a collection of handbags and other accessories made from discarded wrappers and labels of companies such as Coca-Cola, Luna Bar, and a growing number of other well-known food and beverage brands.

At the higher end level, Ecoist Luxe is the company’s fashion-forward line. For the Fall/Winter Collection, the Ecoist design team have innovated new stylish silhouettes like the Maia ($235), featuring a braided shoulder strap and the OC ($138), an oversized clutch with a cutout that structurally resembles a piece of art. The Petite Envelope ($80) is a dainty evening bag that can be worn in three different ways by the chic chain and modern hardware. The Eco-luxury collection is featured in a variety of jewel-toned colors to bring a vibrant pop to any outfit, perfect to match any Fall/winter wardrobe. Sapphires, Rubies, Amethyst, and Fall confetti are some of the names of the colors and patterns available in the new shapes.

See something you like? For a limited time Pink Diamond readers get an exclusive discount when purchasing items from Ecoist. When you check out enter the code PINKDIAMOND10!

Just for you :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heelarious High Hills for Baby

This is too too cute! I've always told my friends that I wanted to have some baby high heel shoes when I finally have kids. I guess someone beat me to it.
The company that makes these adorable high heel shoes is called Heelarious. They are made for infants 0-6 months. They have a variety of styles and colors and they are just way too cute! They are a bit pricey at $35 - but hey I will make do! I will have to grab a couple of pairs for my nieces - Ariana, Kimora & the *unnamed* niece on the way! This is pure fabulousness!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Diary........................

These L.A.M.B. Noel shoes are so hautteeeeee!! I wish that Razzi over at never brought these to my attention. Why oh why are they so haute???? WHY?

Beyonce or Tyra? You be the judge........

I'll be the first to admit to my girl crush on Beyonce. I mean she's hot... really... smokin...
When I first saw these images from her photo shoot - I wasn't sure if I really liked them. Of course, just like anything that Beyonce does, they started to grow on me quickly. One of the things that I did notice was her striking resemble to Tyra in these photos. I don't mean she "looks like" Tyra - I just mean that her poses look like Tyra might have coached her. Not that that's a bad thing - I'm just sayin :)

Nevertheless, I do really, really like the purple dress that she's wearing that's really cute, and if I just happened to stop in Detroit for something - I might even wear that zebra coat. I know there is no way that I could get away with that in Columbus - without looking like I tried too hard.

What do you think?

Trendy Tuesdays: Fall Makeup - Shine is out, Matte is IN!

This fall, be prepared to clean out all of the shiny, glimmer and bronzer products and switch them up with matte, natural colors. All the fall fashion shows this year showcased beautiful fall makeup with subtle earthy eyeshadow tones, light shades of lipstick and fine lines of eyeliner.

If you are like me and trying to change up your makeup for fall - you might want to start with the NARS Fall 2008 Nars Collection. This eight-product, 10-color line was inspired by the clothing on the runways at the Fall 2008 fashion shows. The shades are bold neutrals that contain warm, earth-tone metallics for the eyes, and dusty roses for the lips and cheeks. My personal faves are the Beautiful Liar lipstick in Sheer Spiced Coral and the Cordura Duo Eyeshadow in warm rich and sooty dark brown.

Powder Eye Shadow Duo in Isolde ($32) contains a metallic golden ginger on the left side and a frosted coppers on the other.
Powder Eye Shadow Duo in Cordura ($32) contains a bronze, chocolate brown on the left side, and a golden dark brown shimmer shadow on the right side.
Powder Eye Shadow in Fez ($22) is a a velvety milk cocoa color.
Lipstick in SeƱorita ($24) is a sheer, shimmery pale golden reddish-pink.
Lipstick in Beautiful Liar ($24) is a sheer, spicy coral color
Lip Lacquer in Female Trouble ($24) is a medium-hued lilac mauve.
Powder Blush in Dolce Vita ($25) is a bright, apple-rose shade.
Nail Lacquer in Rebel Yell ($16) is a shade of dusty brownish pomegranate.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Top 5 items you should have this fall.

Hey everyone! I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I've been super busy with work as usual - planning events, planning my class reunion, managing my professional quest for greatness(lol) and balancing life. I'm sure you all understand. It's just been crazy.

Now that my life has settled a for the time being, I finally have a bit of time to do some shopping. Now that fall is approaching - its time for a complete wardrobe change. Since I am trying to be focused on getting my financial life in order to buy a house within the next few years and maybe get married if the Mr. *cough* happens to propose ( believe me - I am not holding my breath on that one). So of course that means trying to do more reasonable shopping. I need to find more quality dual purpose clothing. Basically clothing that's transitional. I can wear it to work, to cocktail hour or a even to a night out with the girls. The cost of life is surpassing my budget (sadly shaking my head) so therefore I have to make some changes.
In order to accomplish this task, I decided to compile a list of 5 items every chick should have this fall. These are pieces that you can change up in order to achieve multiple looks.
1. Scarf - Scarves are a definite this season. They are so versatile yet stylish. You can wear them in many ways - you can tie it one knot and make it look like a masculine tie, you can tie it to the side to have a flirty yet professional look, you can use it as a wrap around a simple blouse or wrap it around your skirt or pants as a belt. Scarves are so fun because they come in so many colors, sizes, textures and fabrics. They are also fairly cheap so that you can buy tons of them.

2. Knit Wrap - I absolutely LOVE knit wraps. I love them for so many different reasons. First of all - EVERYONE looks good in a knit wrap - short, tall, pear shaped, apple shaped, hourglass, it doesn't matter. You can wear them as a dress, you can wear it with jeans, skirts, whatever you want. They are so versatile and just like scarves they come in so many colors and you can purchase them everywhere. It is an essential item for the professional women out there. Especially those who want to portray a stylish, yet classic look.

3. Shoe booties
4. Oversized Clutch Bag - I think that Clutch bags are so fun! You can mix and match them what many different pieces - you can carry them everywhere and the extra big ones can carry everything that you need - while still looking stylish. The best thing is you can get them from anywhere from Forever 21 to Coach to Old Navy to Prada. You can find a stylish one to fit every budget.

5. Sweater Dress - Now we all know Sweater Dresses are veterans to the fashion scene but yet they return year after year as a style favorite. A sweater dress is the ultimate piece you should have because they can be dressed up, down, anyway you like. You can wear them with tights, belts, scarves, leggings, anything and they will still look hot. Not to mention, they are so comfortable and sexy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shopping Report: Fall Obsessions

Juicy Couture Medallion Estate Tote -- Perfect leather bag with a touch of gold detail.. luv it!!
L.A.M.B. Camden Bootie -- I love the leather "sequin style" detail and the color.. this boot is haute!!!!!
BCBG Max Azria Ruffled Shirt can actually dress this up and down.. I think this is perfect for work and play
Sweet floral fresh scent.. it smells so amazing.. I was shopping in White House Black Market and this lady had this on and it just lingered across the store. It smells soooo good!

Don't you just love the Foley & Corrina Bag (on the left) The Camel/Orange color is perfect for fall and it's just the perfect size for the woman on the go.

Juicy Couture Belted Jacket -- out of all the items - this one is my favorite. This is a must have for fall. Very trendy and stylish!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trendy Tuesdays: Political Fashion - Barack Style

Eva Pigford models the "Sunshine" Barack Tee available at

Lauren London with twins Malika and Khadijah Haqq showin support for Barack Obama
Kim Kardashian out for a day of shopping and showing support for Barack

Beyonce and Jay Z hanging out in New York City. Beyonce proudly sporting her Barack Obama shirt with denim and red pumps! Halle Berry in Century City today showing her love for Barack Obama by wearing the Barack The Vote shirt.
Alicia Keys sporting her Barack Obama T-Shirt while performing at The Black Ball
LisaRaye McCoy proudly sports her Barack Obama love with a very classy all white ensemble and democratic blue pumps!!!

Never in a million years did I think that I would be reporting on style trends that promotes a presidential candidate. I don't think I've seen anything this big in political fashion since the infamous Sean John "Vote or Die" shirts from the last Presidential election. It's all for a good cause and I am happy to see more people expressing themselves. It is important that we all get out and vote and I think that this year we will have the biggest voter turn out than ever before.

I have to admit that I do "love" the Barack Obama shirts and not just because it's a trend - but because I do support Barack Obama. My closet is stashed with a couple of Barack shirts and I will continue to rock them with either leggings or jeans with some pumps.
If you want to show your support for Barack and don't know where to go, I've located some places you can go to get your own shirt.
Once you get it - please send us a photo of you rocking your shirt!! You could be profiled on Pink Diamond!