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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Repairing Summer Skin Care Damage

IT'S FALL: Cure Summer Skin Damage

Falling leaves, cooler weather, skin peels... Yes, the gentler climate of fall is a perfect time for a peel and can set you on your way to a flawless winter complexion.

Most peels effect the dead protein tissue that connects dead skin cells to each other, rather than the live protein that is found in live cells. These peels remove only dead skin and never effect the living skin underneath, except to expose it. Increased cell turnover is beneficial, bringing the skin to a state of equilibrium. Trust your skin care professional to know when a peel is appropriate for you.
Visible results of summer skin damage include extreme discolorations, premature aging, wrinkling and dryness. Professional
products and treatments can repair summer skin problems and help avoid them in the future. Knowing how your skin type reacts to the sun's UV rays can help you protect yourself.

THE Problem:
Dry Summer Skin: Caused by overexposure to the sun, as well as moving from cool artificial environments to the hot outdoors.

The Cure:
Skin rejuvenations including face and body exfoliation's and deep moisturizing treatments. Don't forget your
sunscreen next summer or on your winter cruise!

I recommend Aveeno Skin brightening Daily Scrub or Aveeno Positively ageless daily exfoliating cleanser. I also HIGHLY recommend Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15.

The problem:
Hyper pigmentation: Overexposure to sun is one of the major causes of skin discolorations. Hyper pigmentation appears as dark brown patches on the face and hands.

The Cure:
Products and treatments ranging from mild bleaches to acid peels can help reverse hyper pigmentation. Those who are prone to hyper pigmentation are generally advised to limit sun exposure. And wear a strong sunblock!
I recommend Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Sunblock.

The problem:
Premature Aging: Wrinkles, sagging, and generally unhealthy skin can be caused by abuse of our skin - over drying, too much sun, incorrect skin care procedures.

The cure:
Deep cleansing, rejuvenating massage, and professional products and treatments that firm, lift, moisturize and revitalize. Peels are a particularly effective way to reverse premature aging.

If damage is severe, Laser Skin Rejuvenation may be for you. Dr. Van Wormer is a Board Certified Laser Surgeon - the only one in Texas or New Mexico and one of only 300 in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Another option for damaged skin care is Diamond Creme. Who would of thought that diamonds could actulally be good for the skin as well as the finger.