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Friday, June 27, 2008

Rated Next: Bohemian Style Trends

So what's next on the style trend radar? The Bohemian style. Yes the Bohemian style ladies - it's not just for hippies anymore. I've been searching across the web and talking to some of my favorite fashion blogger friends and it looks the the "Boho" look is in. The celebs are adapting this look into their closets and so that means that the fashion innovators and trendsetters will be rockin it next.

Called Boho for short, the Bohemian look is earthy and layered, with loose, flowing fashions and accessories that are often made from natural materials like linen and gauzy cotton, wood, stones and leather. Woven items are popular and so are beads that are used in jewelry and to decorate purses, belts or anything else.

Tunics work over skirts or pants and can be loosely belted if you like. Vintage jewelry and fashions always have a place in a Bohemian ensemble.
Here are some different ways you can put together a modern bohemian look:

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athena-stars said...

love the look but can never seem to get the right pieces to work! grrr...