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Friday, June 27, 2008

Check my footwork: Shoes of the week

Hey ladies!!! Y'all know what time it is!! Browsing the web for the sexiest, trendiest shoes is probably my favorite thing to write about.. well.. besides handbags... I am probably the BIGGEST accessory person ever. If I had to make a choice between accessories and clothes, I'd choose accessories in a heartbeat. Because as we all know that your accessories make the outfit!!

First up: The ASOS leather gladiator sandals.... yeah these babies are hot!!! I saw them on Sex and the City (of course) and fell in loooveeeee..... I almost jumped out of my chair when I seen them on one of my favorite shopping sites ASOS -

Next up: The Tatiana Peep Toe Pump by Betsey Johnson... I love these shoes because you can pair them up with hot jeans, a nice suit, or with a sexy dress to the club. With gas prices at a $1000 a gallon.. it's nice to be able to have a nice shoes that you can get multiple uses out of. You can grab a pair at your local Nordstrom or if you don't have one you can go to

The Moschino Satin Peep Toe pump is probably my favorite shoe of the week!! I am really into the deep blue or should I say "cobalt" blue color. I love the bow detail on the front as well. Again, this is another shoe that you can rock for work or play. As Weezy (Lil Wayne) says this shoe is "addicted to winter time - HOT". (sorry I just always wanted to say that lol)
Grab a pair at

Last, but definitely not least. The Nine West Ankle Strap Sandal. I love the purple and silver combination of this shoe. The berry color is excellent for all seasons but especially summer and fall. I love all the straps, there are just enough straps so that it does not look like a stripper shoe (no diss intended). This shoe is another multi purpose shoe. You can wear it anywhere. Want a pair? Go to or

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