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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Style Spy: My favorite looks from the 2008 BET Awards

I really liked this dress!!! I am still unsure of whether this is something that she should have worn. You can see the girdle through her dress.. Not that we all don't wear girdles -- but the point is for it NOT to be obvious.... Maybe if she would have worn some jewelry around her neck - it would have taken the attention away from the girdle... or maybe not??????? The dress is hot though!!!
I like Toccara's dress.. I think that boob is annoying me though........... I like this dress on Ashanti - but it's definitely not something that I'd rock. Just because I'm really not into the whole slit thing anymore.
I love all the yellow on these ladies... I really liked Keyshia's Cole's dress....
I don't think I am digging Cassie's look too much... it looks like she want to forever 21 and jazzed it up.. maybe it's just me???? Chrisette Michelle looks gorgeous.....
I loved Solange's dress... I need something like that for my closet!!!!! Time to search!!! Check out Lil Kim's bag... I LOVE IT!!!!
Yaay or Naay? - Let's take a vote: who really likes these shoes????

What can I say? Rhianna has been killing the game this year already. We already knew that she would come looking hot!!

Lisa Raye looking absolutely gorgeous with the gold jump off. It looks very sexy on her!!
I absolutely love this Vneck bubble hem dress on Nia Long. That cut is ULTRA Fab and ULTRA sexy! I even like how the side gathers to accentuate the hips.

My favorite of the night: Alicia Keys. I think she looked hot in all of her wardrobe's. I especially like this hot pink strapless dress. This is hot!!!

I love this yellow dress. Very Trendy!!
I REALLY liked the white one piece jumpoff that Keisha had on with the knee high boots. Very sexy........
I've read alot of blogs where people are dogging this dress that Keisha had on, but, I really liked it. I like how it flows and the colors are gorgeous. I think the top of the dress throws it off though. Kinda looks like a wifebeater with a skirt. I don't know.....
I like the dress, but I really posted this photo because I am digging her shoes. Oh and this is Kid Sister for those of you who don't know who she is (I know I didn't) lol!!
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1 comment:

Sam said... J. Hud's dress...LOVED it..but NOT on J. Hud. I couldn't agree more w/ seeing the girdle and the noticeable back fat...sigh. lol

Toccara's dress was FIERCE!!!

LMAO about Cassie going to Forever21 and glamming it up. I so agree.

Only Ri Ri can carry those shoes off. I wish I would see someone in "da bus" w/ those wth are you goin ma? lol. Keyshia Cole's dress.

My fav dress was definitely Nia Long. She looked BEAUTIFUL!