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Monday, October 13, 2008

Victoria Secret Favorites

I absolutely love some of the new items at Victoria's Secret this fall. Besides being the number 1 company for lingerie and beauty items, I always find myself with a long wish list full of clothing and shoes from VS.

Here are four of my favorite items:

Marino Wool Turtleneck Sweater -- I love those puffy sleeves with see through wool around the chest area. Flirty & Sexy. I absolutely LOVE it!

Silk Taffeta Ruffle top --This is a really fun top that can be worn under a nice suit at work to give an extra touch of trendiness and also to cocktail hour with the girls. I love blouses such as this one that can be worn for different purposes.

Silk Tiered Baby Doll top --Very sexy & fun piece. This is another piece that can be worn for multiple occasions. You can dress it up with a cute pencil shirt or even with some cute jeans.

Miss Sixty Ankle Strap Boots -- my favorite item on this list. First I love all the colors. The violet, gray and purple are perfect for the fall and the gold zipper detail gives an extra touch of class. These boots are super sexy and are a definite must have on my wish list. The other good thing is that they can be worn during all seasons because of the closed toe - but open enough everywhere else to be won during the warmer months. I love these boots and I will definitely be grabbing a pair!!


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Yes chile, VS is the debil!!! Don't forget...just let me know when!

Sharon said...

I love the shoes. They look so funky!

Eb the Celeb said...

I am in love with those shows... running to the website right now

Pinkie said...

Girl who are you telling!!! I will def let you know because I still want those items we talked about before!!!

Pinkie said...

Thanks Sharon! I love those shoes also!!! They have such an attitude.... itn't it amazing how shoes have their own attitude???

Pinkie said...

Thanks Eb the Celeb!! I love them also!