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Monday, October 6, 2008

Moody Monday Rants, Raves & Reviews: Long Hair Care Forum

Arrggghh. How I dread Mondays. Especially when you wake up in the morning, get dressed, to try to look your best and your hair has an attitude of it's own. What is a girl to do?
This summer has been the worst summer for me in terms of hair. It's become very brittle, dry and thinner than normal. My hairdresser and I have been going back and forth for weeks trying to figure out what the problem is. We both know that I need to come up with a new regimen to help (1.) stimulate growth, (2.) build volume, (3.) reduce shedding and (4.) get my old texture back (yeah my texture changed dramatically and not for the better). That's the thing that sucks about ethnic hair sometimes - it's so "sensitive" for a lack of better words. Sometimes I think that I should start a blog to document the drama that I deal with everyday with my hair. I think about going natural sometimes, but after this past 8 week relaxer stretch -- I don't know if I have the patience to deal with that.

I did some research on hair products specifically for ethnic hair a few months back and bumped into a website called Long Hair Care Forum - It is soooo awesome!!Long Hair Care Forum is the ultimate Internet resource for women of color that want to grow healthy beautiful long hair. There are hundreds of discussion message boards that talk about issues, problems, products, etc for our hair. Thinking of going natural? - LCHF gives the best advice from people who are transitioning and gives advice on the best products, styling tools, methods, etc to help make the process easier. Do you want to purchase a product and are unsure if it will work for your hair type? Go to LCHF and you will get honest reviews from women from all over.

This forum helped me to figure out the true reasons why my hair went wacky. I purchased the products I needed to help achieve my hair goals, and the best thing was that I was able to make an informed decision about the products I bought based on reviews from people with hair like mine. What did I choose? (1.) Kera Care 1st Lather & Moisturizing Shampoo (2.) Kera Care Humecto Creme Conditioner (3.) I also need to find a good heat protectant and moisturizing creme/oil. -- Any suggestions? I also have been taking Country Maxi Life Vitamins which have really helped alot. I notice the difference already.

What is your hair care regimen?

Don't have one? Then you need to check out Long Hair Care Forum at

1 comment:

MahaibaLuv said...

i absolutely love LHCF. i recently transitioned to natural hair and i learned soooooo much about about how to take care of my hair from this site...