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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cocosa - Front Row Fashion: Pink Diamond Shopping Exclusive

Shhhh.... I just heard through my exclusive fashion connections that Grazia magazine is launching a new members-only shopping website called Cocosa. The boutique will offer designer clothing at huge discounts and the website aims to be an online community to which membership is by invitation only.
Here's the info:

'Think of the most aspirational members-only club and you are on the right track to understanding what Cocosa offers the fashion connoisseur. Cocosa is an invitation-only fashion destination for women, offering its members exclusive access to carefully curated private sales of premium fashion brands at special prices, each running for a limited period and brimming with an unrivalled selection of on trend pieces.

Cocosa offers a unique online shopping concept for the seriously fashion conscious. Launching in the UK with its first live sale later in October, pre-registered members will have exclusive access to some jaw-dropping prices on covetable designer pieces. Luxury fashion pieces and accessories have been hand-picked by Cocosa’s experienced buying team and whether you are looking for a special treat or a seasonal wardrobe top up, Cocosa offers a unique selection of designer items from past and present collections.
Here's how it works:

Each Cocosa sale is announced to members in advance by e-mail, is focused on one specific leading designer brand at a time and is offered online for 48 hours only. Each item has limited availability but if you manage to get in early enough and purchase one, the Cocosa experience continues and your precious item is specially packed and shipped immediately to your selected location. Cocosa uniquely combines its sumptuous sales with leading fashion editorial. Members can look forward to exclusive coverage from leading fashion experts and wardrobe advice from the most respected fashion journalists, all designed to ensure that Cocosa delivers an experience normally reserved for the fashion insider.
This website is so exclusive, my connection couldn't even tell me what brands will be sold. All I know is that if I were you, I wouldn't wanna miss the launch at the end of October. Please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the secret code for membership.
Oh and by the way -- Right now they are having a preview sale before the site launches in 4 days so you better hurry!

No need to thank me :) I always share my hook ups with you. That's what friends are for right?


Anonymous said...

My email address is for the tip

Pinkie said...

No problem... I will send the link shortly!

Anonymous said... Thanks!!!

Timya Monae said...

This is FAB!

My email addy is

Thanks again!

Pinkie said...

Hi I will send you the invite shortly!

Thanks for coming back :)

Pinkie said...

Hi! Thanks for coming back! I will send the invite shortly :0

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!
cool blog, mind hooking me up

Pinkie said...

No problem!! I will send it shortly!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pinkie! Can you please send me an invite as well? Thanks!!

Pinkie said...

Hi! Thanks for reading! I will send you the invitation shortly!!!

mrs angel said...

My email address is

Anonymous said...

Hi Pinkie I'm a little late in joining the party but can you send me link?

Editor of said... - would love an invite please!

Pinkie said...

Hello Mrs. Angel... thanks for reading! I will send you the invite shortly!

Pinkie said...

Hi! Thanks for reasding I will send you the invite shortly!

Pinkie said...


Thanks for reading! I will send you the invite shortly!

Maxine said...

Hope I'm not too late!