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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beauty Radar: B.L.A.C. Minerals

One of my favorite beauty blog friends sent me an email telling me about a new ethnic makeup brand called B.l.a.c. Minerals.

B.l.a.c. Minerals was created in an effort to produce pure and natural cosmetics for women of color. Many ethnic women complain about not being able to find high quality makeup that works well with our skin type and complexions, and allow us to create a variety of looks.

B.l.a.c. Mineral’s mission is to provide natural, organic, and holistic skin care and cosmetics to the ethnic marketplace while promoting individualistic beauty across race and place. Their brand seeks to enhance the natural beauty of women and encourage self love and confidence through the images and face of b.l.a.c. minerals.

The products which are all 100% all natural minerals include:

Organic Skin Care

Mineral Foundation

Mineral Eyeshadow

Mineral Satin Finish Blush

Mineral Setting Powder

All Natural Lip care

Take a look at some of the looks that can be created with this product:


To achieve this look of natural radiant beauty reminiscent of an ancient goddess the following products were used:
FACE : Merced is wearing Amber shade
EYES : Line the lids using Ebony shadow. Using a damp smudge brush apply Ambience shadow to the corner creases of the eye and blend outward.
CHEEKS : A mixture of Ambience and Sunset was used to create a unique color.
Apply mixture to apples of cheeks and blend upward toward hairline.
LIP : Clear lipglaze was used as a base; Ambience was then applied on top.
**Alternative; try our Ginger lipglaze.


To achieve this look of vibrant bold colors that make a statement the following products were used:

FACE : Starsha is wearing Mocha shade
EYES : Line lids with Passion and blend outwards over eye. Royal was used at the creases of the eye and on the corners of the lid. Apply Baby Pink over middle section of eye for a highlight effect.
**Use a damp brush for a more dramatic look.
CHEEKS : Passion eyeshadow was used as a blush and applied to the upper part of cheeks.
** Alternative; try our Rasin blush for a more muted look.
LIP : Clear lip gloss was used as a base. Passion shadow was applied over for a unique color.
For a subtle highlight apply Pink Passion lipglaze to center of the lip.
** Alternative; try our Wine or Misty Plum for an everyday look.
BODY : Sunset body shimmer was used.
To achieve this look reminiscent of the soft sunsets and peaceful serenity of the tropics the following products were used:
FACE : Katrina is wearing Butternut shade
EYES : Line half of the eye with Carnival in the creases of eye and move outward toward brow bone. Use Sunset on the remaining half of the eye and blend outward
**Use a damp brush for a more dramatic look
CHEEKS : Glow blush was used in a very small amount. Tap off any excess and apply to the apples of the cheeks.
LIP : Line lips with Spice lipglaze using a lip brush. Carnival eyeshadow was used on top in the center of lips to create a highlight effect.
BODY : Glint body shimmer was used
If anyone has tried B.l.a.c. Minerals drop us a comment and let us know what you think!


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Oh hell...let me find out I may end up leaving MAC to try this!

Pinkie said...

LOL!!!!!! You are crazy!!!