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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I want now

The Bebe Halter Style Mini Dress. Awww this dress is so fresh! I love the color, the style, the ruffles everything.

The Coach Millie Handbag! Believe me the photo does not do this bag any justice! It is so cute! I almost died when I walked in Macy's and seen it. The crazy thing is I am not even a big Coach fan. But I loooove this bag! $498 isn't in my budget. LOL. Oh well!

Yes I do love the Blackberry Curve. I know it isn't clothes or shoes or bags, but, cell phones are accessories and those who care about style know the importance of a good cell phone. At least I know I do. The Curve has all of the features I need, plus, all of the things that I want in a phone. With my super active social life - the Curve is so necessary.


Samantha said...

Girl..I AM a Coach fan and that bag is BANGIN!!!!!! Ok, have you got your Curve? I so *heart* mine!

Pinkie said...

I just purchased my Curve yesterday and they are sending it to me tomorrow... I cannot wait...

ThatCOACH bag is soooo bagning.....I wish I had the $$ I would just buy it. Oh well!