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Monday, May 12, 2008

Glamour Magazine Tips - Choosing the right swimming suit for your body

This past weekend, I finally got a chance to catch up on all of my old Tyra Banks episodes that I missed. I really like to watch Tyra because she always gives good fashion and beauty advice. Anyway, last week Susie Yalof Schwartz from Glamour Magazine gave some insight on the users guide to everything beauty inside and out. One of the topics that caught my attention was on finding the right swimming suit for your body. This topic couldn't have been more timely for me,
as I am searching for a new swimming suits. How do you really know if a swimming suit is right for you? Well Susie provided some insight on the best ways to find a swimming suit according to your body shape.

Pear Shaped body ( small top, wide hips and thighs)

Worst Mistakes:
Boy Shorts - cut you off on your thighs and makes you look wider
Light on bottom and dark on top - light bottoms draw attention to your problem areas
Shiny bathing suits are a killer
You should wear:
Swimming suits that are dark on the bottom and light on the top
One Piece halter is ideal for your shape. It draws all the attention upward.
Petite/Small Frame/Flat Chest & Butt
Worst Mistakes:
Bandeau tops - makes you look flatter
No bikini's with triangles - it makes you look smaller.
What you should wear:
Bathing suit with a different texture
Swimming suit with padded bra/booty
Ruffle swimming suit or any swimming suit that has dimensions. It makes your booty appear bigger.
Apple Shapes (big top/small bottom/ large tummy)/Plus Size/Full Figured
Worst Mistakes:
Skirtsuits - make you appear bigger ( I can attest to that)
Spaghetti Straps - also makes you appear bigger.
What you should wear:
Swimming Suit with higher lycra
Choose a younger looking swimming suit with higher cuts
Halter Top - great for arms.Big Chest
Worst Mistake:
Triangle shape bikinis
Swimming suits with no support
What you need:
Swimming suit that provides lift and support
High cut underneath your armpits - so it doesn't spill out the sides