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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pink Diamond Spotlight: Neon Nights Collection - Old Navy

Of course, I am never too busy for shopping and checking out which items will make it to my closet next. I can already tell that dresses are going to be the thing for me this summer. I made a promise to myself that this summer my focus is on comfort and style while remaining professional. I've learned that with the new gig I have, my super active social life and all of the side gigs I am lined up for, it is with extreme importance that I always look good.

To my surprise, I found some of the cutest dresses at Old Navy. They have a new collection called Neon Nights and I love it. The thing that I love so much is the fact that, I always have such a hard time finding things that look good on me because of my appley body shape. My favorite dress in this collection is the Teal Luster Halter Dress. Because this dress has an empire waist it accentuates my bust (which is normally a plus for apple shapes), and it's knee length, so I can still show off my great legs (another apple plus). It's also great because the top part of the dress is solid which minimizes my top heaviness, while the bottom has a really cute pattern. It's important for apple shaped girls to wear patterns or designs at the bottom to even out the smaller bottom area. If not, you should just wear all solid colors. Apple or not though, I can't just wear all solid colors despite my shape. I am too trendy for that. They key is making clothes work for me. After I pair these dresses up with some sexy (comfortable) hills, some great earrings and bangles and some HOT sunglasses - whoa! You can't tell me nothin (LOL). If you really want to step it up - get yourself a great tanned look with the new MAC Skinsheen leg spray. I've heard great things about it.

There are dresses in this collection that will look great on all shapes and the best thing about them is that they are affordable. You can find a dress for you for under $40.00. Check it out:


Samantha said...

YES!!! Old Navy has been "bringin it" lately! I love the fact that they are constantly "evolving" so to speak but still have that affordability factor. Their whole summer line, that I've seen so far is bangin!

Pinkie said...

They really have Sam! I can't believe some of the hot dresses they've been coming out wit lately!!