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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dream Shopping Excursion at Grand Canal Shoppes - Venetian Hotel

Hence the word "Dream". I could not afford one thing in this hotel, except probably the quarter slot machines. It was nice to window shop and see whats out there though. It's also good to see what designs will probably be copied and sold next (LOL).

One of my favorite stores here was Lior. They had some of the baddest designer shoes, dresses and jeans I have ever seen. Lior is a contemporary clothing store for men and women that carries designs from Gianfranco Ferre, Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni and more. The designer names alone will tell you that, I could'nt afford a thing in there. My friend Kim tried on a dress, that the owner of the boutique claimed to have created for Beyonce for an awards show. The dress was $6000.00.

Some of the other stores that I really liked was Amore - an upscale European boutique that carries sleepwear and swimwear, Gandini - an Italian apparel and accessories store for men and women, & Privilege - another high-end European Boutique that carries exclusive designer labels such as Isabella Fiore, Francesco Biasca & Carla Mancini.

Because some of these designs are so "exclusive" some of the boutique owners were reluctant about me taking photos. So here are some of the shoes that I thought were very sexy. These were all taken at boutiques in the Venetian Hotel.

With all of the expensive stores in Vegas, none of which I could actually buy the things that I wanted - I was happy to find a Bijoux Terner accessory boutique where everything in the store was $10.00!

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