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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thinking Back/Reflections of the BET Awards

It's been a little while since I have posted anything, life has began to get so busy as I encounter the challenges of trying to start my own Fashion & Beauty PR Company,I am currently working on a relaunch for Pink Diamond (stay tuned) and continue to work full time. I am consistently trying to come up with new, innovative ideas and new ventures to be involved in.

I thought about this time last year, when I attended the BET Awards in L.A. and I was so excited to be in the presence of all those celebrities, athletes, and millionaires. I came back home with my motivation through the roof, thinking that next year (being now) I would be where I want to be. Of course I am not yet, but I can see the light at the end of tunnel. I am running into too many people, doing too many big things - not to accomplish my goals.

So when I turned on the BET Awards last night, I was excited yet sad. Since I occasionally work for awards shows doing PR work, I know all of the behind the scenes stuff that most people don't know about. Putting together gift bags, the politics of the Red Carpet, production troubles, dealing with managers, agents and publicists, coordinating the talent(celebrities), but with all of that drama - its still worth every minute to be apart of that.

I felt like I should have been there again this year. I kept beating myself up - wondering why I did'nt try harder to get there. While I was watching the awards, its almost like - I wasn't watching the awards, I was too busy daydreaming about all of the things that could be going on behind the scenes and thinking to myself - Damn - I should have been there. But, no matter what - y'all know I get the scoop for all hot and sexy styles at the awards.

Take a look:

Rhianna is looking absolutely beautiful in a white strapless dress. I really like Amerie's dress as well. I wonder when her next album is coming out? I heard it was supposed to be soon. I think Ashanti looked amazing too, I think she was one of the best dressed people at the awards. Has anybody used Queen Latifah's makeup collection through Cover Girl? I seen the ad last night, and thought it was pretty good.

Look at Patti Labelle!! I love her dress, it does look a bit futuristic - but its gorgeous and she's Patti so she can do it. I promise you - Patti Labelle, Dianna Ross, Chaka Kahn - they look so good. They make me proud to be a black woman!
I think Ciara looks really pretty, she admitted that she did not like her dress at all. I wonder why? Eve should be the smacking the s$*& out of her stylist and so should Vivica Fox. What went wrong?
Of course - America's favorite Beyonce was looking sexy as always.....

What's up Lil Kim? I am so happy to see you!!! Bring the music back, we missin you out here!

What a hot mess.... Im sorry - I guess I just expected better from these two. I really hate to say that about Vivica Fox though. That's my homegirl. I met her when Two can Play that game came out on 106 & Park. (Yes I was on the show, not in the audience) and she complimented me and my friend's outfits. I knew then she had style. Oh well - I guess we all mess up sometimes.

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