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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vegas Fashion Scene

Hi guys!!! I apologize for not posting in a while. Life got so busy for me. I took on another PR Project with Showcolumbus (details later), and have been focused on continuing my PR journey. I got off track for a while, but now your girl is back and you know that I got the 411 on the Fashion Scene in Vegas.

So we all know that the thing to wear this summer is dresses. Its hot outside and dresses are comfortable, feminine and sexy. Well in Vegas - it was 102 degrees the whole time I was there. I was there roasting yall! Hey I don't care anything about whether it was wet or dry heat - It was hot as hell! Period!!

Well the hot weather did not stop the Vegas ladies from stylin. Everywhere I looked, I seen styles that were so hot - I just wanted to run up to people and take pictures. However, i didn't wanna risk looking like the paparazzi, so I took a quick mental note of everything I liked and then I went on a mission to see what Vegas had to offer.

One of the first places that we stopped at was Fashion Show Mall on the strip. Since I am from Ohio and we don't have an abundance of boutique/high end fashion stores, I was pretty impressed by some of the things that I saw. The very first store that I went to was the Betsey Johnson store. I have always been a big fan of Betsey Johnson designs. They are so colorful, fun and wild. My only issue is that, if I bought something really wild - I wouldn't have anywhere to wear it. Lately, I've been bored with the nightlife and if you are not going to the clubs, there is really nothing else to do. So, every Saturday night I look at all the fly clothes in my closet and just wonder when I will ever be ever to wear them.

Betsey Johnson designs:

I left out the Betsey Johnson store and then headed to Marciano ( Marciano had some hot tops and fly dresses. I remember seeing a couple of girls in the Casino with them on, and looked really sexy on them. Unfortunately, the prices were pretty steep, so I did not buy anything. I continued on my shopping excurison and found French Connection UK (, Nurielle Haute Couture ( and MetroPark ( All of which had some pretty trendy things.

Take a look:


French Connection UK (FCUK):

Nurielle Haute Couture:

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