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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuck that Tummy in!!!

With spring approaching fast, I know that all of us are trying to get lose some of this winter weight. (I do it every year!) I always seem to gain weight in my stomach area (like most people) and I want to get rid of it.

This past weekend I went to the salon to for my bi-weekly hair appointment. We were all talking about losing weight and how to make our stomachs flatter. My hair stylist - Christina told me that while she is exercising and dieting - she uses Squeems waist cinchers to train her waist and help flatten her belly.

I have heard of Squeems many times before. I love to read Glamour 411 articles from Galapogos Boutique and they always talk about how great of a product Squeems are.

About Squeems:

Squeem, the Brazilian manufacturer of the Original Cincher, has been shaping bodies in Brazil for over thirty years with their high compression "fajas". These cinchers are made from pure, natural latex and are without question the best cincher in the market. Until recently, these cinchers were not available in the USA. But, now you can achieve the same amazing body shaping results that the Brazilian women have enjoyed for years!

The high compression cincher is designed to be worn while you exercise. Weight loss is accelerated through high compression, increased perspiration, and micro-massage. The power of the latex will promote a micro-massage while you move, helping you reduce your measurements. The cincher focuses compression on the waistline, and increases perspiration which will help melts away fat.

I always seem to buy waist cinchers that last for a couple of weeks and then they are no longer effective. According to my stylist Christina – she has been using this product since the beginning of the summer and it has not lost its effectiveness. I guess I will be purchasing one and I will let you know how it goes!!

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