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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Panty Line Dilemna

I don't know about the rest of you out there but I am soooo tired of thongs. Yes I know they may be sexy and all that good stuff but, they are not comfortable. Lets be 100% real - I am tired of digging them out every hour of the day and quiet as kept they are not that sanitary - in more ways than one - if you know what i mean :).

One day I decided that I was not going to wear them anymore. I went to Victoria's Secret and bought all the cute high cut briefs I could find. I went home and tried them on with some of my sexiest work pants and suits. In the midst of trying my new panties on - my boyfriend busted in the door and automatically looked at the back of my pants and said - that's not going to work, you can see the lines through your pants.

Now I am frustrated- what am I supposed to do? Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma.

So once again - i pulled out my trusty laptop to find some alternatives. Come on now ladies - I know that I am not the only one with this issue... I went to some of my favorite websites - Bare Necessities & Glamour 411. Here is what I found - Felina Hint of Skin boy shorts.
About Felina Boy Shorts: The Felina boy short collection is the apex of luxury, molding to the body like a second skin. The bras and panties are completely seam-free and sewn free. This ultra modern design and innovative engineering marries freedom of comfort with Felina style.
Finally it looks like we MIGHT have found our answer. At $9.00 a pair I will be buying a few pair!!!
Hey ladies - Why don't you buy some too? Let me know what you think!!!!

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