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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So it is now 2007. I had to take a brief "blog writing" break in order to reflect on my goals for this year.

One of the biggest goals that I have for this year is to lose weight. I have been down this road many a times. However, this year - I am going to approach it differently. My vision for this year is to be safe, sexy and confident. That means no more stupid crash dieting, no more calling myself fat and mentally abusing myself because of my weight, and to always be confident no matter what. I am giving myself until June to lose -35 lbs.

Do you think I can do it?

Two of my other goals are to open both of my businesses which intertwine with one another. Pink Diamond PR & Image Management and Glamourazzi. Pink Diamond PR & Image Management is a company that will provide branding and image management services for fashion, beauty and entertainment outlets. We will continue to represent Beauty salons, Hair Stylists, Models, Fashion Shows, Beauty Products and related events. Glamourazzi is a new business venture that I am working on with my partner, Destiny Flippo who is a make-up artist and image consultant. Glamourazzi will be the ULTIMATE media resource for Midwest Fashion & Beauty. Through much extensive Marketing Research, I have found that the Midwest has their own fashion style. Just look at stars such as Kanye West & Common. We have a style thats contemporary, casual and comfortable while trendy. Unfortunately, because we are located in the Midwest we dont get the same recognition as major fashion cities such as Paris, Milan, NY, LA or Miami. Our designers, stylists and beauty/fashion outlets are also at a disadvantage because they do not have the promotional outlets like those major cities either.

I created Glamourazzi to change all of that.

Glamourazzi's goal is to have an outlet where fashion designers, stylists, spas, beauty prodcuts and fashion boutiques have a place to promote their business, while the Midwest "Haute Blase" have a resource to find products/businesses they may not have known about otherwise. Glamourazzi will highlight the latest trends, news & events in fashion and beauty.

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