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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The night before

The big day is approaching fast. I am very nervous. This is the first big event that I have done PR work for and I want Pink Diamond to be represented well. I have packed all of my clothes, my hair is done and I am looking more beautiful than ever. (Thank you Christina!)

This is going to be a big weekend, full of parties, celebrities and high profile individuals. I am very anxious. I have never been a PR/Media Escort for an awards show before, so I am not quite sure what to expect. Tomorrow is the orientation and I am so excited.

Right before I went to sleep, I received a text message from my buddy Mimi who I met in LA. She's done a bit of PR work for BET, so she knows the ropes. (I actually got all of my BET connections from her - Thank you Mimi) She was letting me know that her flight from Baltimore will be leaving for Atlanta soon and to make sure that I call her as soon as I get there. She was trying to find a way for us to get tickets for Celeb parties. I was not worried about getting into parties, my girl Evitacamela ( has been in some of the hottest videos, so I knew she had the party game on lock.

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