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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Clutch Magazine

I have spent so much time focusing on my clothes, my hair, my makeup and all that material stuff, that I lost track of the important meetings that I have while I am in Atlanta.
A few weeks back, I was browsing on one of my favorite websites - Mediabistro ( and ended up meeting a woman in Atlanta, who owns her own magazine called Clutch. Clutch is an electronic magazine focused on fashion, culture, beauty & life. I reviewed the press kit for clutch - and let me tell you, you are going to LOVE this magazine. I cannot wait until it re-launches June 2007.
I reached out to Deanna because my writing skills need a bit of work (trust me I know - its no secret!). I also wanted to network with her because she seems to have the same drive and determination that I have. Both of us are young African-American women in the Public Relations industry, and I felt that I could learn a lot from her.
When I got in contact with her, she was soooooo happy to help me! She told me about some of the things that she is involved in and gave me a lot of insight about the PR Industry. I told her that I was coming to Atlanta for the weekend and that I wanted to meet her and her friend Kayla Calloway who is a Publicist as well ( There is no way that I can miss the opportunity to network these ladies. Any one who is serious about their career understands that the industry is all about "who you know".

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