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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hair - Part II

Now I am getting plain lazy. There is a week and a half left before the Hip-Hop Awards and I still have not completed my image makeover. Since I cut my carbs, I lost 3 lbs, so that made me feel pretty good.

I decided on a hairstyle for the event, however, I needed to buy some good hair. I called around and asked some of my wig & weave wearing friends and they all told me to use the typical brands, my hair, milky way, etc.

I did not want to take any chances of buying a product that was crap. Lets be real - (1) I am going to Atlanta, (2) I am going to Atlanta for the 1st annual Hip Hop Awards Show and (3) I am a trendsetter, I am not going to be caught dead with a nappy shedding weave in front of celebrities.

I decided to email my girl Joia Mercedes. Joia is a celebrity hair stylist in Los Angeles who is the key hair stylist for many celebrities including Katt Williams, Stacy Dash, Ester Baxter, Vanessa Simmons and many more ( She was the host of the show Remixed on BET and has done work for some of the most fabulous commercials, music videos, magazines, even fashion shows. I knew that if noone knew about the best hair to use - Joia would.

I emailed Joia and asked her - what is the best type of hair to buy to get that celebrity/video girl look. Lets face it - I am an up and coming Publicist - translation - I am broke. So I asked her - what kind of hair can I get for under $30.00 a bag. Here is her response:

Hey girl....getting the best hair for $30 is like saying you wanna go to a really nice restaurant but you only wanna spend $'re getting McDonald's. Or like saying you want a really nice pair of shoes for $'re going to Payless. A really GOOD car for $'re getting a hoopty. You get what you pay for, Plain and simple. The best hair to buy is Indian hair. It's tangle free and worry free. That's how you get that sexy Celebrity/video girl look. You will never catch anybody in the industry with a bag of $9.99 hair! It's a dead give away that "Your not one of us" in Hollywood, like an elite club of lace front wig and Indian hair wearing Divas. And even though the price is an investment, you can reuse the hair over and over for more than a year. That's better then buying cheap beauty supply hair that will tangle and matt up on you in a day or two with a rats nest ball at the nape, which is what always happened to me when I wore Milky Way, Beverly Johnson, Rodeo, called "expensive grade brands in the Korean Store."

So for something just to get you through this weekend, try US Hair on Broad St. in Town and Country. I used to go there a lot when I lived in Columbus. They can probably put you in something for under $30. But when you're ready to upgrade, let me know. I'll work you out a deal where I'll get you the Indian hair at the wholesale cost (depending on the length you want) if you agree to pass out my cards for my hair website in Columbus. I get the hair straight from India so allow about a week for delivery. Please log onto my website at Have fun in the A!!!!!!

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