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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dreams of making it

Two weeks until the BET Hip-Hop Awards. I cannot believe that it is coming this fast. I feel so unprepared. I have not completed half of my image makeover and I am getting fatter as the days approach. I have been dieting - but I have not stepped foot in the gym. Just Fat? Fat, Fat, Fat. I decided to quit punishing myself and do something about my weight issue. I flicked through the channels so that I could find the FIT network. They have a Hip-Hop and Indian exercise dance session that I love to do. I was not going to take this anymore. My new goal is to exercise one hour each day until the event. As I am scrolling through the channels, I stop at BET to watch Rap City. I see Ludacris, talking about the Hip-Hop Awards and I begin to panic. While in the midst of my panic mode the new Nelly Video comes on - titled Pimp your Pro with Ali & Gipp. I paid close attention to the models in the video to see their hair, clothes, shoes - everything. As I am watching, I noticed an old friend in the video Evita Camela. I could not believe it. We lost contact for a long time and I had no idea that she became a model. She moved to Atlanta two years ago and I did not know what she had been up to. I was so excited - I jumped on the Internet to see if she had a myspace page - which of course she did. I was amazed at her modeling resume and her portraits. It felt so good to see someone trying to reach their dreams. I knew that she always wanted to be an actress and I was happy to see her pursuing it.

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