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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hair Do's & Don't's

The most important part of my image - besides my clothes is my hair. I knew that my hair would make me or break me - so to speak.
I looked around in some magazines and tried to find some hairstyles that I liked. I don't know if it just me - but the hair season is so boring to me right now. I always try to be innovative with the hair -do's, but sometimes, they end up being hair don'ts. I work in a corporate atmosphere, so I knew that having an extremely hood or to creative of a hairstyle was not going to work out. I could not figure this hair thing out on my own.

I decided to call my hair stylist & client Christina Beharry at Salon Be (Columbus, Ohio). She has a great reputation for keeping your hair healthy, while giving you great styles. Which is very important to me. I consider myself to be a trendsetter, so I cannot be caught dead in the same boring hairstyles all the time. I asked her for her advice and she told me that she thought I would look great, with soft Cassie curls. She advised me that with my face being wide, it would be a great way to make it appear slimmer. She sent me a picture of the style and I absolutely loved it. Christina always knows the how to make me look like a star.

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