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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trendy Tuesday: High Definition Makeup & Vibrating Mascara

According to Trendcentral -, High Definition makeup is the newest trend on the beauty radar. With all the media jumping on high definition television, it's only right that our beauty products adjust as well. What exactly is high definition makeup and how is it different from mineral makeup? HD makeup contains photo chromatic pigments and other good stuff to reflect light off skin to achieve a flawless look. Quite important when appearing on HD television unless you want your enlarged pores and spots to show up in all their high definition glory. I've also heard that HD makeup is great for taking photographs. So all you facebook/social media addicts out there - take note :).

If you want to try for yourself to see what the rage is all about you can get some at Sephora -
Apparently, Estée Lauder & Lancôme are launching a new mascara that vibrates. Estée Lauder's new TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara will provide you with the latest and greatest in lash length, curl and separation technology by vibrating at 125 micro pulses per second. The vibration of this battery-operated brush promises to separate lashes to avoid clumping. Turbolash will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $30.

Lancôme's version, Ôscillation, is due out in stores this Fall. The brush vibrates 7,000 times per minute, claiming to provide 360-degree coverage around each lash. It was created by Jean-Louis Guéret, who has developed almost 400 (!) mascaras in his lifetime. Lancôme is still working out an exact launch date and a price, so we'll all have to wait and see!!


Sam said...

Running to Sephora again....(Dam, I was just there on Saturday and we won't talk about how much my bill was!)LOL

Janelle said...

Whoa I can't wait for the automatic mascara!!! I think I have the longest NATURAL eyelashes God ever created, but I still can't seem to keep them apart. Hope this helps!

Pinkie said...

LOL @ Sam yeah I believe it girl... Sephora is ridiculous!!! But they have good makeup.. As Rev Run says "what are ya gonna do"

Pinkie said...

Janelle maybe you should try the little eyelash comb I know people use those and they seem to help with spreading the eyelashes apart so that it seems fuller????

I need an expert makeup contributor!!