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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Boob Dilemna: How to create killer cleavage

Women who were born with cleavage know its an attention grabber It's sexy, a bit mysterious, and gives a confidence boost like little else can. Whether you show a subtle peek or a full display, cleavage holds a special sex appeal. Feeling like your friends are losing that natural perkiness? Never fear -- with the help of a few tricks, even the sleekest bodies can show off some curves. Here, are my favorites:

Bra Tricks
Try a Wonderbra. They don't call it a wonder for nothing: With its natural-looking padding and strategically placed underwire designed to lift and push breasts together, the Wonderbra (and its padded, push-up relatives) is an easy way to create the illusion of cleavage.
Give it a twist or cinch. Don't feel like springing for a brand-new bra? Tweak your current one. Try twisting the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it; this extra twist pitches the cups toward each other, enhancing cleavage. Or slip a safety pin or flat ribbon around the straps in the back, pulling them close together (aim for an inch or two of space between them). Doing so pulls cups together in front, resulting in great cleavage.

If your top is backless or plunging then you need to get technical. Hollywood fashion tape, will hold boobs up and keep them inside your top, but involves masterful application to get it right.
The Nubra silicone enhancer, is a self-adhesive backless, strapless number that sticks to your chest (lasts for up to 120 washes).
If you crave the support of a proper’ bra try Wonderbra’s plunge bra with clear strap between cups or Dorothy Perkin’s multi-way and strapless bra.
If your outfit has a plunging back pick the Ultimo frontless body, with diamante or clear straps.

Fashion Trick
Wear strategic tops. Shirts and dresses with tops that have shaping at the bust area do wonders for your bustline. Look for tops with a seam just under the breasts and shirring between them; both structures help lift and push breasts together. In evening wear, go for halter tops or gowns with bra-like styling at the bust for a similar effect.
Try a celebrity trick. Celeb stylist Mary Alice Stephenson swears by Bring It Up Instant Lifts ( Apply these clear adhesives to the top of your breasts, lift, and secure -- where you position them on your skin determines how much lift and cleavage you achieve.

If you really want to create a super busty look and show off your curves, try a bustier. I've heard great things about the bustier's at Fredericks of Hollywood.

Beauty Trick
Learn the power of bronzer. To really enhance your cleavage -- or to create some where there is very little -- break out the bronzer and fluffy brush. Sweep a line of bronzer between breasts to create a shadow (the shadow that naturally occurs when you have cleavage). Be sure to blend so bronzer is nearly unnoticeable.



Janelle said...

Me and my "girls" have a good time playing peek-a-boo, but when is enough TOO MUCH? I hope I'm not a

Pinkie said...

No you are not a victim... lol.. you know that I would tell you... but you raise an interesting point.. when is enough too much?

LOL... that sounds like a questions for our facebook group!

Create Cleavage and Lift! said...

If your top is backless or plunging then you need to get technical.
Create Cleavage and Lift!