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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work wear

What are you wearing to work?

If you are in a corporate atmosphere, or even somewhere that you are supposed to be wearing business casual attire, I hope that you are doing just that.
Just like everyone else, I have a 9-5 job at a bank. Everyday except fridays, we are expected to dress business casual. Everyday I come into work and see people who are seriously pushing the dress code and I wonder if these people don't know any better, or do they just not care about their job. You would not believe some of the stuff that I see everyday. I am all for being different, but sometimes I think we take it a little too far.

So for those of you women (you know who you are) who wear tops that are too low, blouses and dresses that are see through, patent leather shoes with 4 inch heels and straps, and mini-skirts - I am going to show you how to dress for work. Each week, I will hand pick some of my favorite style options for those of us in business casual jobs.

This week I am in love with Victoria's Secrets career wear. I really like the stylish high waist suspender pants, the trendy puff sleeve tops, tailored cut vests and seasonless stretch skirts.
High waisted plaid skirt - $78.00
Pencil skirt in seasonless stretch - $59.50
High Waist suspender pants - $98.00
Pinstripe 5 button vest - clearance - $24.99
Prices too high? Check out where you can find Victoria Secret and VS brand items for less.What are you wearing to work?

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