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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pastry Sneakers

I'm sorry guys for not posting anything in a while. Life has gotten so hectic for me these past couple of weeks as I continue my quest into PR. For those of you who reached out to me about BJ Coleman - thank you! I appreciate your comments. Unfortunately, I have not heard back from him since then, but its okay because I will be keeping in contact him even if I don't get the PR job. I have some really cool ideas that I am going to continue to reach out to him about so he has not heard the last of me. (hehe) Speaking of Mr. Coleman, lately I've noticed that I have an obsession with the whole Simmons family. I watch Run's house over and over again - even the reruns. Whats scary is - I watch the reruns like I've never seen the episode before. I wish that my family was like that - just to be filthy rich and can be sure that any dream that I have, I can do it because my family has built an empire and so that means I can do whatever I want. So anyway, you all know that Vanessa and Angela have come out with their own line of shoes called Pastry (I posted this news before). I have been researching to find out where you can buy the shoes because they are really hot!! They kind of remind me of Nike Air Max's without the stiff pricetag. I love them. I finally found some at a local Underground Station store here in Columbus and you better believe I am going to buy me a pair. For $65 I might buy two. I am thinking of purchasing the Sprinkle shoe and the Brown/Pink Cake Runners. You should grab a pair too!
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tttttt said...

omg these shoes are really hittin like i really want those sprinkle shoes but the thing is that they are phat farm....

Anonymous said...

those are sooooooo hott!!! i wish i could afford them.
sincerely,13 yr old broke girl
p.s happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

I love the Pastry sneaker I went out and brought 2 pair. I have the red velvet ones, and the Tiffany cake runner. I might grab me a couple more pair they are so hot.

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