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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Carols Daughter Browning Oil

With all the work that I have been doing lately, its only right that I talk about my preparation for my trip to Vegas. There are only 3 weeks left and I am sooo excited. I need this vacation so bad, because I have not been on a vacation since I went to Atlanta to do PR work for the BET Hip Hop Awards. Really - that was not a vacation, it was alot of work.
So anyway, I have been getting my list of beauty products together and one thing that I noticed is that I do not have a good body bronzer. I have a great face bronzer, but none for my body. Since I am a black woman, its even harder for me to find the right tanner/bronzer to make my skin look even and glowing, without looking burned or orangy (if that's a word).
I looked around for some recommendations and I found something that I might like to try - its called Gelee de Soleil Browning Oil by Carol's Daughter. In their quest for the ultimate in summer skin care and an alternative to over-the-counter tanning products, Carol's Daughter created Gelee de Soleil. Sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter and toasted palm kernel are some of the key ingredients in this oh-so-good-for-your-skin blend. For years this has been a CD lovers best kept secret, known for its essential moisturizing properties. Get in the know and use this 'browning oil' in conjunction with sunscreen to bronze and hydrate your body. The Ingredients in the oil are: Sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil, corn oil, soy oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, toasted palm kernel oil, shea butter, and fragrance oil. Sounds great to me - I think I am going to pick up a bottle. You can get one too: for $14.00. Let me know what you think!


kristy said...

I am going to try this.. Thanks

Aaron said...

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Sinako said...

Hi Im Sinako from South Africa and I would love to use the product but the problem is it is not available in South Africa.