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Friday, March 23, 2007

Victoria's Secret Handbag Collection - Who knew?

Lately, I have been looking for a spring "it" bag of my own. I have been having such a hard time because all of the purses that I find are either extremely cheap looking or way out of my price range. One thing about me is that I have very expensive taste that I cannot afford. Another issue with me is that with handbags and shoes, my taste changes so quickly - that I may purchase a bag one week and then the next week I am ready to carry something else. So I vowed to myself that I would never spend over $100.00 on a handbag unless its something that I really want and will carry for a substantial amount of time.

I went to the Victoria's Secret Website to look at some spring clothes. My friends and I are going to Las Vegas and I want some cute, comfy clothes to wear. While I was searching the catalog, I decided to take a look at their handbags and Oh boy! I did not know Victoria's Secret sold such cute handbags. All of them are not designed by VS - but they sell some really cute ones. My absolute favorite (and the one I am going to purchase) is the Hype Stachel bag. It retails for $135.00 - but I am not going to pay that. I am on a hunt to find someone with a VS discount - so that I can purchase that one and the other 3 that I want!!
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