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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Style Obsession: Bebe Outerwear & More

I went shopping at a local Bebe Store this weekend looking for some new winter clothes. As soon as I walked in the store - I couldn't keep my eyes off of these two coats. AARRGGHHH I love them both so much! Very Sexy & Very Chic. The best thing is that they are both 30% off in stores, but not online. I am definitely grabbing one of these three. Haute!!!
Bebe Triple Tier Wool Coat
Bebe Triple Tier Wool Coat
Bebe Patent Trimmed Wool Coat
Bebe Patent Trimmed Wool Coat

Bebe Double Ruffle Wool Coat
Bebe Embellished Sweater - not Outerwear but I LOVE IT!!!!


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Lord have mercy...Bebe be killin the game...all those coats are bad and don't get me started on that sweater...SIGH! Thank God I live in DYT who doesn't have a Bebe

applebottoms said...

What a cool winter clothes you found at local Bebe store. i really love the style most especially the combination of those outfits. hope to visit that too.