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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Internet Spotlight: TooSexyJeans.Com

As much as I love shopping, the item that I dread shopping for the most is jeans. I can never find the right fit they are either too low, too high, too tight, too big -- so much drama. Since, I am an apple shaped gal (the most dreaded shape of all) it is REALLY a challenge to find a nice pair of jeans. Why is it so hard to find a nice pair of jeans that hugs your body in the right places without spending a fortune? AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

Well I found an online retailer - that specializes in selling jeans - and not just any jeans. They sell those sexy jeans that we all spend hours in the store looking for. The best thing about them is that the jeans are affordable. We no longer have to spend $200 - $300 on True Religion & Seven Jeans just to get a nice sexy fit.

Check them out - and let me know what you think!


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Hmm...putting them on my radar. Those jeans are cute.

Pinkie said...

Yes especially just for cute jeans just to throw on and look cute you know?

Anonymous said...

You should also try PZI jeans they are made specifically for pear shaped or hourglass figured women. I had a hard time finding jeans until them.

Pinkie said...

Thanks anynomous! I will make sure that I check that out. Unfortunately, I am of "apple" decent and wasn;t blessed with a pear or hourglass lol!!! Hopefully, I can find some jeans here as well!

Thanks for reading!

Claudette said...

Brazillian Jeans!!! I love them!!! There's only one place in my area who sells these and they're usually sold out of my size...this site is great

carlita said...

Thanks Claudette! I appreciate it!!! I just heard about Brazilian Jeans... now I guess I will be stuck to them!! Thanks for reading!