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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Trend Alert: Plaid? Again?

Yes again. But this year it's coming back hotter and sexier than ever and in all different varieties. Of course, whenever I want to find the hottest trends in fashion right away - I gotta head to my favorite store - Bebe! Check out the new fall plaid style items at Bebe:

Sexy Pin Stripe Plaid suit for the professional stylish chic!

Since you are already heading there - you might as well check out some of my other fall wish list items from Bebe:
I absolutely love this ruffle trench coat! Very sexy!

This tye dye halter is perfect for fall! I love those colors! Very chic!

Muy caliente!!!!


Tha Takeover said...

Nice choice of fashion...I like the creative look without breaking the bank

Pinkie said...

Thanks very much takeover!! I appreciate the support... I love Bebe.. although.. I have to wait till every thing goes on sale!

Ananda said...

hi pinkie. i love the plaid suit and the tie dye top. i am not really feeling all of the ruffles this year. great post. tyou for keeping me in the know. peace, ananda

Pinkie said...

Hey Ananda! Thanks for reading! Yes I love the plaid too... it's what I like to call simple elegance!

Please come back!

Sam said...

LOVE Bebe!!!

Pinkie said...

Hey Sam!!! I love Bebe too!! That is my fave store!!! (well once everything is 65% off) lol!