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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Shopping Report: Kohl's - not just for grandmas anymore

Who knew? Well I can't lie - I did. I've been shopping at Kohl's over the past couple of years and I have to say that they have really stepped their game up. Really. I used to hate when my mom would drag me into Kohl's when I was a kid. I always thought that was the place to go for linens, towels, and home stuff (Kohl's & JC Penney's). Nope - my feelings have changed.
Let's all be honest with ourselves, as much as we love designer clothes and expensive pieces, we can't afford to shop like that all the time. So when you really want to be stylish for less - you have to be a little creative.
One of the collections that I really love at Kohl's is the Elle Contemporary Collection. Created by the folks over at Elle Magazine, they decided to create a line that was trendy yet affordable. Really haute!! Check out some of my favorite finds:
Elle Ponte Crop Jacket - $32.99

Elle Crochet Babydoll top - $24.99

Elle Ruffled Blouse - $27.99

Elle Sirred Colorblock Dress - $18.99

Elle Smocked Drawstring Tank

Elle Smocked Colorblock Top - $24.99

Elle Side top - $24.99

Elle High Waist Jeans - On sale $8.80 (WOW)
Elle Pleated Skirt - $29.99
In addition to these great sales. If you sign up at for sale alerts - they will send you an in store coupon for $5.00 off and an online coupon for 10% off.


Hello KT said...


I haven't actually used the Flirt brushes, but I have played with them in the store. I heard their Feather Dust-Her brush is an okay dupe for the MAC 187 though.

Sam said...

Yea, my BFF who is a few years older than me, had been telling me about Kohls for the past few years. I always used to be like "hmmm I so don't believe you". Girl, I've been in there recently and got some stuff that is TO DAM CUTE!!!! I'm a believer now!

DonnaMarie said...

I like that smocked drawstring you like Veran Wang's clothes that are there? I seen them, and I didn't think they were too hot...

Pinkie said...

Oh thanks hello kt! I am thinking about trying them. I wish there was a mb brush list that gives a list of good dupe's for different mac brushes. That would be pretty cool!

Thanks for stopping by!

Pinkie said...

Girl I'm telling you they really have some cute stuff! Good sales too! And on top of that you can use the 5.00/10% off coupon! Sweet deals!

Pinkie said...

Hey Donna! Vera Wand is hit or miss! They have some cute stuff and then sometimes they have stuff that's cute for like the 40 plus crowd. But again - I think it all depends on who and how you are wearing it.

Ananda said...

i love the first jacket. i have a black linen one for the summer. it was only $19.99.

Pinkie said...

wow that's a good deal Ananda! I think this one is a higher price because it's new for fall. But then again I've noticed that mopst of the time you can get better deals in the store than online.