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Monday, August 4, 2008

Moody Mondays; Random Rants, Raves & Reviews - Would you spend $10,000 on a pair of jeans?

Yeah right! Even if I had $10,000 to blow - it probably wouldn't be on a pair of jeans. Unless they washed themselves everyday, gave me a banging bootay and I could wear them forever!
I never could understand why people would spend that much money on a clothing item - how many times could you really wear it? I would think only once - maybe twice!

These jeans are made by Key Closet and are premium denim (obviously), with over 1000 Swarovski crystals, and 1 carat diamonds on each back pocket. Wow! The good thing is that a whopping 30% of the price of the jeans will be donated to help build schools for kids in Kampala, Uganda. The donation from just one pair of jeans will go a long way.
If you really like them and have an extra $10,000 floating around - you can purchase them at! Let me know how they fit!

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