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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pink Diamond Style of the Week... Caught looking fly

This week's "Diamond Style" Award winner - Erin Harper!!!!!

Congratulations to Erin Harper this week's Diamond Style winner. If you are a Facebook junkie like I am, you may recognize Erin from her infamous facebook group called "Ask Erin". Readers across fb post questions and insightful comments about various topics from tatoos to natural hair to the dumbest quotes ever. Erin's witty comments and humorous advice makes it an enjoyable group to be apart of. Erin has a fabulous sense of style and a great personality.
Congratulations Erin!!!
Where are you from and currently reside?
From Lithonia, GA
Now Atlanta, GA

What do you do for a living?
I'm a school psychologist. I am currently completing my doctoral degree in school psychology but I love network marketing and sales. I am also a regional director with Visalus Sciences, a NEW Health and Wellness company. I earned a free 2008 convertible bmw z4 in less than 60 days. Broke company records. Second black woman in the company to hit that level in the southeast.

What inspires you?
Women who are healthy and happy inside and out despite society's traditional standards.

Favorite designers/products and why?

1.Brandi Russell
2. Diane von Furstenberg-dresses flatter my shape and unique, but classic patterns
3. Karen Millen, her pants are amazing for girls with curves
4. Nicole Miller Beautiful dresses flattering to my figure once again
5. BCBG-great for classic pieces for work as well as party dresses
6. Betsy Johnson- great fun pieces; especially her shoes
Products: Visalus Sciences Daily Supplements-"Contains everything you need and nothing you don't" (Patent Anti Aging and Energy Supplement, Supercharged Antioxidants, Multi Mineral & Vitamin, Omega Vitals)
Vivara by Emilio Pucci
Aveda's Sap Moss line. Keeps my hair moisturized. Sadly it is about to be discontinued. They have another moisture line coming though. Can't think of the name of it right now.
L'oreal Paris Glam Bronze Perfecting Bronze Spray

What is fashion & style is to you?
Comfort with your look no matter what is "in style" at the moment.

Top 5 things every fashionista should have.
- Little Black Dress
- Lots of costume jewelry
- At least one quality handbag
- A pair of neutral pumps
- Undergarments that fit properly

Advice you'd give to other women!
Don't wear things that are uncomfortable for you simply because they are deemed as "in" by "fashion experts". I've made this mistake throughout my late teens and early twenties and every time I look back at those pictures I think, "what was I doing?" Strive for comfort, which may be 4 in. heels rather than flats for you! You define comfort! Also, don't get caught up in how much things cost. If something fits you well it doesn't have to be designer to warrant a place in your closet. On the other hand, if you like something and you can afford it, who cares if others think you are paying too much for it. I think a great American rapper once said something like, "You just do you, and I'ma do me!" That's pretty much how I feel!

Make sure you check out Erin's facebook group "Ask Erin" at


Anonymous said...

Congrats Erin!! Not really surprised, you've always been fly. Did you really earn that car??? lol

Lady Caliss said...

My Spelman sister has been fly since day 1! Congrats Erin!

-Lady Caliss

Pinkie said...

Thanks for stopping by Brandon!

Pinkie said...

Thanks for stopping by Lady Caliss!

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