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Monday, July 14, 2008

Moody Mondays: Rants, Raves & Reviews

Last week I had one of the biggest beauty scares ever. I had a busy week - full of events, parties, blah, blah, blah. So of course I pulled out my favorite Dove Self Tanner to make sure that my skin had the beautiful summer glow. For the first few days my skin looked absolutely amazing. Then all of the sudden my skin began to itch uncontrollably - it was so bad, it felt like millions of bugs were crawling underneath my skin.

I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. This wasn't the first time I used the tanner so I didn't think that could be the problem. I pulled out my blackberry and jumped on Google immediately to research the problem and there it was - my skin tanner was the culprit of my itchiness. I jumped in my car and ran to the nearest CVS to stock my closet with some skin repair items. I purchased some Yardley's soap (made with Natural Oats), St. Ives Brilliant glow scrub and some Aveeno lotion for dry, itchy skin. All of these products were amazing!!!! The St. Ives Scrub has a great smell and made my skin feel extra soft. I used the Yardley's soap to remove any residue that the scrub left behind - it smelled great also.

After I moisturized my skin, I began to wonder what I would use next to achieve the tan glow - without using any more self tanner. I don't know about you all - but a great tan is not worth scratching my damn skin off.
It's really hard to use makeup to cover up your body because you have to worry about rubbing it on your clothes, your car, and other people. So what can I do??? Then a light bulb came on - A couple of months back - I helped my sister get dressed for the prom and we picked up some Cover Girl TRU Blend Minerals Bronzer. My sister looked beautiful and had the tanned looked in an instant and she never complained about it rubbing off on anyone or anything.
I ran back to the store to pick up some TRU Blend and I selected the Natural Bronzer because I have a caramel skin tone. There are two types: Golden Sunrise & Natural Bronzer.

For my face - I mixed a sprinkle of bronzer with my moisturizer. That set the base tan for it. Then I powdered it lightly with the same bronzer. After that I highlighted my cheeks with FLIRT by Estee Lauder Bronzer(You can purchase this at Kohl's) or My face looked amazing!! After that I mixed my body moisturizer (which is an aloe vera body butter) with bronzer and powdered my legs and arms lightly. I stood for about 15 minutes to let the powder sink in. VOILA - instant fake tan and it didn't rub off on my clothes, my car or any of the hundreds of people I hugged that night.

My only issue now is finding out how I am going to get all the bronzer powder out of my carpet!!!! YIKES!!!


Janelle said...

Hahahaha well no matter how you do it, it always looks beautiful! LOL

Pinkie said...

Thanks cuz :) It was just too damn itchy though!!!!