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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boutique Spotlight: Frosty Trinkets

So everyone knows that my hunt for the latest fashion, beauty and accessories is relentless. The accessory that I love the most - well besides shoes (and handbags) is of course jewelry - especially rhinestones. Lately, I have been trying to find nice costume jewelry that blings and sets me apart from well, everyone else. After a long day of skimming through hundreds of online websites, I found Frosty Trinkets.

It's not just the fly rhinestone charm bracelets, or the iced out pacifiers and whistles that impressed me - it was the background story of the boutique. The boutique was started by Alexandria Stephens a 23 year old Los Angeles native. Since high school Stephens wanted to be a fashion designer. She loved accessories but saw herself as an apparel designer. 'Frosty Trinkets' came as an "accident". Frosty Trinkets targets the trendsetters and fashion innovators. Their signature enamored pacifier is their featured item and makes a fabulous gift. Alexandria, says Frosty Trinkets, "sets the standard" and "Everyone should shine is the motto".
The Frosty Trinkets line consists of three categories: Eye Wear, Jewelry, and Small Accessories.

The line will soon be expanding into active wear: tees, sweats, and hoodies, latching onto that laid back but gorgeous scene. You can catch some of your favorite stars in Frosty Trinkets jewelry such as The Dream & Lil Mama.

Please check out and let me know what you think!!!!

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Sam said...

Oh yea, I'm definitely feeling them.

Pinkie said...

Me too Sam! Especially the charm bracelet! Super haute!!!!

Annaleisha said...

Hey, I'm interested in the Regents Secrets membership.

Pinkie said...

Hi Annaleisha - I sent you the code today! Please cme back :)