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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EXCLUSIVE!! Beauty Insider Alert from Sephora: Buy it before it launches

Flawless Face Kit ($160 Value)
What it is: A set of products designed for a professional-looking makeup application.
What it does: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit combines all of the essential formulas and tools needed to create a flawless face into one convenient travel-size zippered case. Prime, moisturize, and cover up your way to complexion perfection. It's dermatologist-tested.
What else you need to know: Available exclusively at Sephora, each bag contains a 1.0 oz Foundation Primer (Step 1), a 1.0 oz Tinted Moisturizer (Step 2), a 0.21 oz Undercover Pot (Step 3 and 4), a Secret Camouflage Brush, a Camouflage Powder Brush, a Velour Puff, and an egg-shaped Sponge.


Sam said...

Lawd....Sephora is the DEBIL!(yea I said debil...not devil) LOL!

Pinkie said...

Yeah Sephora can get you in a world of trouble. Believe me I know. Although, MAC gets me in alot more trouble!!!!!!