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Friday, May 2, 2008

The top 4 makeup brushes you REALLY need

We hate to pay for them, but we know we need them. Especially me. Every time I go to the MAC counter (or any other makeup counter) the makeup artists always emphasize the important of having good brushes. It makes me cringe every time because I know I can't afford to buy 20 different brushes that cost $20 bucks and up per brush. I probably wouldn't even use them all. Seriously! So, I went online to research the top makeup brushes you really need and recommendations for good brushes.
The brushes you need:

(1) A concealer brush to camouflage hard-to-reach spots like the inner corners of your eyes. Look for square head to tapered corners, ideal for blending (under eye -square; blemishes-tapered). Long handle, good weight, great for application precision.

(2) A blush brush--its wide, rounded shape deposits the perfect dose of powder blush. Look for full, large head with slight tapering (not as large as powder brush) designed for even distribution and natural looking definition across the cheeks and cheekbone.

(3) An angled brush with a stiff head for applying eyeliner so the line isn't too thick or thin. You can also use this brush to apply a soft coat of brow powder to shape and fill in arches. Look for a small, narrow, angled, flat brush head with soft but firm bristles. This brush is designed for application of fine lines such as close to your lash line, blending and softening color edges. It also is used for applying powder to brows.

(4) A shadow brush helps you add definition to droopy lids. Look for square head, medium to large sized (just under 1/2 an inch width), with slight taper at corners, flat, a bristle head that is firm but soft for the delicate eye area. This brush is designed for sweeping color across eye lids and blending. By using its edge, it can be used for defining eyelid crease

Choose brushes that feel comfortable in your hand--that way, you can wield them like a pro.
So what are the best brushes on the market? Particularly, those aren't that expensive. I researched the web for the top rated brushes and here are the results (drum roll please):

Foundation brush: M.A.C #190, and Paula Dorf 's to apply liquid foundation, then blend with sponge (best sponges come from Alcone in New York city)
Concealer brush: Shu Uemura #12, and Bobbi Brown Concealer brush
Powder Brush: to set foundation with translucent or pressed powder; Kevyn Aucoin powder brush, or Sonia Kashuk powder brush
Blush brush: Kevyn Aucoin for a round flat cut; Sonia Kashuk #2 for a tapered cut brush. Depends which angle you want to apply on
Eye brushes: M.A.C. #21 to highlight under brow bone Eyelid application: Sonia Kashuk #9
Eye crease: M.A.C #217 (they call it a blender and would be good for both) or Kevyn Aucoin for a smaller stiffer brush-both are amazing: for precision crease work, M.A.C. #219 is superb
Eye-powder smudge brush to smudge eyeliner pencil with powder-Sonia Kashuk #5, or Trish McEvoy #41 or #6 for larger areas

All in all the best rated makeup brush brands are: M.A.C., Trish McEvoy, Sonia Kashuk & Essence of Beauty. Sonia Kashuk can be found at Target and Essence of Beauty can be found at CVS.

Please leave comments and let us know what your favorite brushes are and why!!!


Carolina said...

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Carolina said...

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