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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Short North Gallery Hop weekend part 2: Spotlight on Style, IvyHill clothing boutique

I have to say that the highlight of my shopping trip was going to Ivy Hill. Ivy Hill is a retail boutique that sits between Rowe, another high end retail boutique (whom I also love but can't afford) and Jeni's Ice Creams.

Ivy Hill offers a selection of designer clothing, but, specializes in its accessories. This boutique in particular impressed me because the clothing and accessories are geared towards the young professional. Although it's still on the pricey side, you can find something there that what will fit your budget and style. I like to visit stores where you can tell that the owner took time in selecting the items that are sold at the store. I can almost assure you that you won't have to worry about anyone rockin the same piece as you if you shop here.

As I was taking a look at the selection of their velvety clutch bags and candy colored tops, I noticed a section of Spanx slimwear. My friends and I started talking about shapewear and the best type of slimwear for your shape. I have always wanted to purchase a pair of Spanx. However, I am apple shaped girl (yea it's pretty sad, but I'm working on it) and most of the girdles I buy just roll right on down my back. Shutup it's not funny, it's traumatizing actually. I was telling my friends that I read some reviews on Spanx and that was one of the main complaints that people who share my body type complain of. Anyway, the owner of the store told me about a new slimwear product called Yummie Tummie. Yummie Tummie is the next revolution in shapewear. Yummie Tummie combines a layering of cotton tank, with a slimming microfiber panel. It's long enough to tuck into pants or a skirt, or wear out as an added layer and according to the owner it completely eliminates "muffin top" when worn with low rise jeans.

What's muffin top? Oh you know what "muffin top" is! That's when a girl who is big on the top and skinny on the bottom (arms and legs) wears low rise jeans ( a BIG NO NO) and her stomach spills over the sides of the jeans, just like a muffin. (Take a look at the top photo). As a matter of fact, I won't even get into that right now. Just know that a story is developing right now. Ladies we just have to discuss the right jeans for our size. It's getting really bad out here. I'm sorry someone has to address it. I guess it will be me.

Anyway, the owner went on to tell me that this item is an Oprah favorite and that she is going to showcase it on her show this week. Oprah was a long time supporter of Spanx so that's big news and of course that made me happy cause if Oprah can fit Now, the only thing I have to do is buy a pair of those Tummy Tuck Jeans and I won't even have to go on a diet (again). Oh you haven't heard of those? Another story, another day!!
Intertested in Yummie Tummie? Well, Ivy Hill is the ONLY store in Columbus that sells them. So go check them out at 716 North High Street.


DonnaMarie said...

woohoo! i am going to go pic one of these up and tell them you sent me!!

Pinkie said...

I am too!