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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pink Diamond Look of the Day: Christina Milian at the Victoria Secret Lingerie Party in LA

I am really feeling this dress. I love all those colors and the design is just sexy. Christina is absolutely glowing. I wonder what she thinks of her ex marrying Mariah Carey?


Lady D said...

Wow that dress is fierce! You definitely need the attitude to back that up because it is out of the ordinary.

Samantha said...

Yea the dress is beautiful! I bet she probably thinks of Nick and Mariah Carey..."like wooo chile, that is a mess" lol.

Pinkie said...

LOL.@ Lady D - Yes I absolutely love it... I think I could probably pull it off... LOL

You are right Sam - I would. It seems like Nick wants to just get married - which I guess isn't a bad thing.