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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SkinScan Announces the Completion of Its ``Almost Invisible'' Line of Urban Chic Clothing

Invisible Fashion is a Patented Process Which Creates Sensual Clothing Through the Capture and Transfer of an Individual's Skin Tone to Fabric
(BLACK PR WIRE) WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 2008--SkinScan,, announced today the completion of its "Almost Invisible" line of urban chic clothing. With the motto "My Color is My Sensuality," Jerold Kritchman, founder of SkinScan, speaks to his belief that there are exotic colors inherent in women's skin that are glamorous. Jerold can be reached at in Palm Beach County, Florida.Using new digital micro-chip image sensors, new coloring chemistry and printer design, aided by computers and propriety software, it is now possible to record a person's skin-tone and reproduce it on fabric. This creates an illusion that there is no fabric there.Mixing Computer Graphics Technology with Specific Coloring Technology allows for the production of clothing that looks invisible when worn and opens whole new worlds for clothing designers to work within. Structural design elements that are invisible allows the designer new freedom of fabric construction. Patterns that were impossible become easy.SkinScan Seeks Joint Venture PartnerSkinScan also announced today that the company is seeking a joint venture partner with experience in fashion merchandising and with interest in expanding their current line(s).

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DonnaMarie said... clever! Kinda like those skintone band-aids LOL